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Cloud Atlas Star Halle Berry Thankful Diabetes Keeps Her In Shape?

Halle Berry sat down with Wendy Williams for an almost ten minute interview when she slyly slipped in that she was actually happy about the fact she had diabetes.

Hollywood has always been obsessed with the way people look, but is this remark just a bit too far?

While chatting it up on The Wendy Williams show the gorgeous 46-year-old claimed diabetes has “really been a good thing in my life.”

Although the talk show host didn’t really acknowledge the remark other than pointing out that Halle looked just as good now as she did during her beauty pageant days, the short comment left others in disbelief.

Is looking fit and staying in shape so important in the world of lights and cameras that having a disease as serious as diabetes is worth it?

According to Berry, the answer would be a sure fire yes. In fact, the petite starlet even referred to the condition as “that little disease” although others who suffer from the same condition don’t see it as a very “little” thing to live with.

The “Cloud Atlas” actress did try to clear things up a bit when she explained how diabetes was almost an excuse to tell producers she wouldn’t gain weight for a certain role.

“My heart would say yes because I feel like I would do anything for my craft,” Nahla’s mommy explained when asked about if she would gain 100 pounds for a movie role. “… but my brain would say no because I’m diabetic and what that might do to me on a health level could be really dangerous.”

Either way, the mother of one certainly looks amazing all things considered and even appeared on “Wetten dass…?” along side her “Cloud Atlas” co-star Tom Hanks in Bremen, Germany.

The 56-year-old actor got down and dirty with his cast member and the host of the show and even ended up with some lovely painted nails before the show was over.

While in Germany the stars also hit the red carpet for the German premier of their new movie.

The former Bond girl showed off her athletic figure in a fitted black dress with a long slit that let her show off some serious leg.

Luckily, the “Jungle Fever” star knew how to show off her leg once or twice for a few photos and not pull an Angelina Jolie on the red carpet but sticking her leg out of the slit every few seconds.

She paired her long black dress with a simple, strappy gray sandal and a bold silver cuff bracelet.

Fortunately, she didn’t only give credit to diabetes for helping her look the part for her acting career. She also claimed that her short hair cut helped her stand out among tons of other African American ladies trying to make it unto the big screen.

“I would go on auditions, and every black girl would have this long, curly hair, whether it was real or not,” she explained. “And I would go on these auditions and come back with nothing. So I had to somehow be different.”

The solution was chopping off all her locks and rocking a short pixie cut and much to her manager’s disbelief the young starlet landed her first major acting role soon after.


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