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Eminem Releases Caps That Reveal He’s Working On An Album

Eminem has been keeping a low profile lately, but he hasn’t been resting on his laurels.

Em recently released limited edition snapback Detroit Tigers baseball caps. The caps have the years each of his albums were released—including 2013 which means the “Lose Yourself” rapper will probably release some new music next year. Outside of the number printed on the cap, there hasn’t been anything else revealed about the upcoming project. The caps are being sold online for $30 a pop. There are two versions of the hat, “home” and “away,” which is trimmed in orange. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Marshall Mathers Foundation, Em’s non-profit organization.

In addition to selling snapbacks, Eminem is producing a webseries titled “Detroit Rubber.” The series follows the owners of “Burn Rubber,” a sneaker shop in Detroit, as they try to balance their businesses with their families and the opening of another store. According to the Daily Tribune, the show has received a $53,459 incentive from the Michigan Film Office. “Detroit Rubber” is set to air on LOUD, a premium Youtube channel.

Eminem is clearly a busy man but he has managed to fit filming a music video for protégé 50 Cent into his schedule. 50 and Em filmed the video in Detroit early Monday morning. According to Complex, the video is for 50 Cent’s track “My Life.” Former G-Unit member Lloyd Banks was rumored to be on set.

50 Cent did confirm the video will also include an appearance from an Olympian. “I’m shooting a video for SKI with EM it’s a big one @andredirrell 2004 Olympic gold medalist in it,” 50 wrote on his Twitter page. Local residents complained about helicopters that were circling the set during shooting. “They soaked the road and had a spotlight on that area,” one resident told Curbed. “From my window (loft above Astro Coffee), I couldn’t see Eminem or 50, but I can say that the chopper continuously hovered over our building during that time.”

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