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Eminem is King of Facebook with 60 Million ‘Likes’

Lady Gaga and Rihanna are generally known as the social media queens, boasting tens of millions of followers on Twitter, but it is actually rapper Eminem who is quietly the master of social media.

This past Wednesday, Eminem reached a stunning milestone—60 million Facebook “Likes.” No other living person has more Likes than the Detroit rap star.

To put it in perspective, 60 million is approximately the population of Italy—and would make Eminem’s Facebook fans the 24th most populous nation in the world.

According to AppData, Eminem gets close to 26,000 “likes” a day—which works out to 18 per minute. Rihanna trails slightly with 22,000 per day.

While Rihanna spills out the entire contents of her life in social media, Eminem is much more reticent, using his Facebook page more for posting links to his videos than actual communication.

But when it comes to Twitter followers, Lady Gaga is still the queen with nearly 28 million folks.


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