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Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada Undecided on Future Contact With Ex

Evelyn Lozada may decide to let the no contact order with ex Chad Johnson expire, while Tami Roman has become the new face of a dieting product after loosing weight.

It seems as if some of the Basketball Wives are finally making headlines for something other than crawling across tables like monkeys to attack one of their co-stars.

Evenly Lozada is making a decision that has some of her fans scratching their heads.

As her ex, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson nears the end of his batterer’s prevention program and may be let off probation early; Lozada has decided not to renew the no-contact order against him.

The reality star claims she is just ready to “move on” and would rather not keep up with all the legal drama.

The 36-year-old reality star hasn’t forgotten about the violent head butt that ended her married with Johnson, however, and stated that she does not plan on getting back together with the NFL player.

After being the subject of Iyanla Vanzant’s new show on OWN, “Fix My Life,” it would be a slap in the face to see her throw all the lessons out the window and run back into the arms of the man who refused to treat her with respect and stand by her side.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t seem like she is 100% certain that she doesn’t want to get back together with her abusive ex.

After dying her hair dark brown the curvaceous bombshell shared pictures of the new do via Twitter with the caption, “I thought blonds have more fun?! Hmmmm I’m a brunette now, let’s see how this works.”

Twitter fans loved the new look and comedian Lil Duval couldn’t help but pull “Ochocinco” into the mix.

“Ochocinco how u like Evelyn new hair color,” the button pushing comedian tweeted.

Lozada quickly responded to the tweet by accusing the free agent wide receiver of being a Twitter stalker.

“I knew he saw it #TweetStalkin,” the New York native tweeted on Monday.

If he is keeping up with her via Twitter, she must crave the attention considering the fact that she doesn’t want any type of restraining order against him.

To show even more of her uncertainty about the relationship, when asked about if the world would ever get a glimpse of “Ev and Ocho,” – the reality show that was cancelled after Chad head butted her – she seemed very unsure.

“Hmmm, still up in the air,” she admitted dryly.

Ev may be having problems dropping her ex, but Basketball Wife Tami Roman had no problem dropping some serious pounds recently.

Roman has been offered a six figure endorsement from a diet company because of her rapid weight loss while using their product.

Friends of Tami revealed that the reality star was nearly 200 pounds at one point but changed her lifestyle and became dedicated to losing the excess weight.

Along with daily exercise and eating better, she also began using a product called NV Sprinkles which is similar to the new Sensa craze.

You supposedly sprinkle the product on your food and you eat less.

Because of the fact that Kenny Anderson’s ex wife was so public about her weight loss and use of the product, they are now paying her the whopping salary just to be the face of their product.

Seems like more easy money for the Basketball Wives star who recently settled her child support dispute with her ex husband which totals $8,500 a month for the couple’s two daughters.


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