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Bobbi Kristina Brown and Cissy Houston Settle About Inheritance

Bobbi Kristina Brown and her grandmother Cissy Houston have reached an agreement about the execution of Whitney Houston’s estate.

According to Whitney’s will, her daughter would get her inheritance in three installments: 10 percent when she turns 21 ($2 million), just under 20 percent at age 25 ($4 million) and the remainder when she turns 30 ($16 million). Cissy and her daughter-in-law Patricia Houston filed legal papers to alter how Brown would receive her inheritance because they felt like she was getting “too much, too soon.” According to TMZ, the case was dismissed because Brown and her grandmother reached an agreement. Sources told TMZ the agreement was barely changed but all parties are satisfied.

Despite legal troubles and grieving her mother’s death, Brown was in good spirits at the premiere party for her family’s reality show “The Houstons: On Our Own.” She told Access Hollywood that she’s feeling better than ever. “I’m doing okay, I’m doing pretty good. I am doing better than I ever thought I would,” she said to Access last Monday. “Definitely better than I thought I would.”

Brown also said she finds comfort in knowing her mother is watching over her. “What gives me the strength is my family and knowing that she is watching down on us,” she continued. “Watching down and applauding and being happy and smiling and rejoicing, as well as we are, of her life and her legacy.”

As for her alleged engagement to her “adopted brother” Nick Gordon, she’s playing coy. “That’s a surprise, so yeah,” said the “For Better or Worse” star. “Watch and see.”

The show premiered on Monday and although Brown claims she was engaged on the first episode, her aunt Pat Houston is denying it was real. “It’s a journey,” she said to E! News. “You have to realize, she had just lost her mother and she’s 19 years old. So I didn’t take the engagement very serious, not at all, because I understood the dynamics of what’s happening as it relates to that relationship. He looks out for her, he really and truly does.”

Despite her reservations about the relationship, Pat says she’s proud of her niece. “I am very proud of her. I always explain to her, I’m not concerned about a music career for her, or an acting career for her,” she added. “I’m more concerned about life management for her, her being able to navigate through life to take care of herself in a very positive way. Becoming a strong, independent woman, being able to live her life without a lot of handlers or people telling her what to do in it, giving her values and morals and strengthening her.”

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