Halle Berry Stuns at “Cloud Atlas” Premiere

Wednesday night’s premiere of “Cloud Atlas” brought the film’s star-studded cast out in style, but none more so than leading lady Halle Berry. The Oscar-winner stepped out onto the carpet outside of Gruman’s Theatre in Los Angeles in a silver bustier dress from Dolce & Gabanna. Berry plays five different characters in the sci-fi adventure, which will hit theaters nationwide on Friday.

Halle has been making promotional appearance for the movie, and stopped into the Tonight Show to talk about the film and her Halloween plans with host Jay Leno earlier in the week. In “Cloud Atlas,” Hally smokes marijuana with co-star Tom Hanks, prompting Leno to ask if she shared the habit in real life.

“I read this week that you smoked pot with Tom Hanks!” Leno probed. “What is that? The All-American Boy Tom Hanks!”

Halle denied using the drug,, though she eventually conceded: “I did. I smoked pot with Tom Hanks…in this movie.”

She went on to talk about celebrating Halloween with her daughter Nahla, and her strict restrictions on her child’s treats.

“I don’t let her keep the candy. It’s too much! What kid needs a bag load of candy?” she told Leno. “I get the candy and I go through it and take out the bad stuff and then I dole the rest out throughout the year. I hide it, and then when she needs a little candy, then I give her a little bit. I don’t let her have it all at once. She doesn’t know it’s stale!”

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