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Halle Berry Complains About Life in a ‘Fishbowl’

Halle Berry is doing the media circuit to publicize her new movie, the odd and ambitious “Cloud Atlas,” in which she plays six different characters, but though she know she needs to have all eyes on her as part of her profession—movie star—Berry confessed during an interview on “Good Morning America” that she finds life in a “fishbowl” to be tiresome.

Berry, an Academy Award-winning actress, stars with Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon and Hugh Grant in “Cloud Atlas,” a film that takes viewers on a twisting and turning journey over centuries, in different land with many different characters, in a plot where the viewer is challenged to figure out the links that connect them all. The film opens on Friday—and with a budget that was estimated at $100 million, Berry and the other big-name stars need to do as much pub as they can to make some of that money back for the filmmakers.

When asked in an interview with Cameron Mathison whether she “had it made,” Berry got somewhat philosophical in her answer.

“Well, it depends what having it made means,” said Berry, 46. “You know, do I have an amazing daughter that I’m wildly proud of who’s the love of my life? Then, okay, then, I have it made. A career that I love? Then, okay, I have it made. Um, amazing friends and family? Then, okay, I have it made. There’s certain things about my life that do make me feel like I have it made.”

Mathison then asked Berry by elaborating on the ways she didn’t have it made. As we all know, Berry followed up by asking Berry about the ways in which she didn’t have it made.

“You know, like everybody else, I’ve got the challenges of, you know, motherhood and the sort of fish bowl world that I live in,” she said. “It’s not always the easiest to navigate. I feel a lot of pressure, sometimes, being a public figure and I’m so mindful of people that are listening to every word I say, sometimes, and sometimes that gets hard to bear.”

As we all know, Berry is no fan of the paparazzi—even trying to move to France with her daughter Nahla, 4, and her fiance, actor Olivier Martinez, who is half Spanish and half French. Berry has said her primary reason for wanting to move is France’s laws against the paparazzi and privacy. “All I want is for my family and myself to have a normal life. When I’m not at work, that’s very important to me,” Berry told Extra TV earlier this year.

“It’s not one photographer hiding in the bushes, it’s 20, 30 very close to us, causing commotion. I’m not complaining about me,” she continued. “I’m an adult; I can handle it. But children should not be subject to that. It’s just wrong.”

Berry said the messages of “Cloud Atlas” resonated with her—that everyone is connected and actions can have consequences over a long period of time.

“I think if you look throughout history, you can see how actions of cruelty or kindness have affected where we go. In my life, I think about  what images I’m modeling for my daughter; decisions I’m making and how that will affect her in her life,” Berry said.


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