Possible Permanent New Homes for Alex Rodriguez

After being swept by the Detroit Tigers in the American League Championship Series and posting some of the worst numbers of his career, the rumors started to swirl about the New York Yankees trading third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Earlier in the week Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said that he expected for Rodriguez to be back in 2013.  This came after Rodriguez said he is not willing to waive his no-trade clause.

Rodriguez reiterated not waiving the clause after the game.

“That’s correct,” he said. “I will be back. I have a lot to prove and I will be back, on a mission. I love New York City and I love everything about being a Yankee.  The highs are very high, and the lows are extremely low.”

If he does decide to waive his clause the Miami Marlins could be a likely home.

Rodriguez grew up and in Miami, Florida where he discovered at the age of 19.  The Marlins are looking to get rid of some of the excessive contracts that they carelessly gave out last winter.  The Yankees could trade Rodriguez for Jose Reyes, who signed a six-year $106 million dollar contract, while the Yankees would still be responsible for most of the $114 million owed to A-Rod over the next five years.

There was also speculation reliever Heath Bell would be part of an A-Rod trade to Miami, but that changed Saturday.  Bell was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks in a three team deal along with the Oakland Athletics.  Arizona got infielder Cliff Pennington and minor league infielder Yordy Cabrera from the Athletics for outfielder Chris Young and cash.  The Diamondbacks sent Cabrera to the Marlins for Bell.

The Marlins do not seem to be a suitable scenario now, but the Los Angeles Angels have also entered the trade discussion.  The Angels already signed Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson last year, who are considering trading Vernon Wells.

Wells is owed $42 million over the next two years, while A-Rod is scheduled to make $53 million over the next two years.  There is an $11 million difference between the two contracts, which appears to be reasonable.  No matter how the Yankees look at the situation they still would have to pick up most of A-Rod’s $134 contract.

Rodriguez has a great relationship with Angels manager Mike Scioscia, but Los Angeles does not appear to be a likely destination for now.  This could all change during the offseason.

Rodriguez is hoping to revive his career after posting some of the worse number of his tenure.  His numbers against lefties (.308/.410/.514) were outstanding over the last three years, but he struggled badly (.256/.326/.391) against righthanders.

Even with Rodriguez having $134 million left on his contract, for right now it appears he will still continue to reside in his $6 million West Side in New York penthouse, but more importantly his is still a Yankee for now.

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