Tamar Braxton and Husband Vince Sell Mansion Amidst Divorce Rumors (PHOTOS)

Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince Herbert are selling their mansion despite the fact that they just moved in last year, only fueling the rumors that the couple may be getting divorced.

It was only last December that Toni Braxton’s younger sister moved in to the lavish mansion with her record producing husband and now the home has already hit the market.

The couple has placed the mansion for fell for a whopping $7.5 million, adding $500,000 to the price they purchased the home for last year.

After the gorgeous two style mansion was shot for their reality show, a spin off from WeTV’s Braxton Family Values, it is more than possible that the value of the home went up and they might actually be able to walk away with the extra 500K in their pockets… unless they have to divide that evenly.

If you catch a peak of the couple on their own show, Tamar & Vince, you’ll see that the pair argues regularly, but do show much affection for one another as well.

As entertaining as the duo’s comedic spats were for most audience members it comes as a shock that there might be more behind those little arguments than viewers thought.

Several sources reported that letting go of the home was indeed caused by talk of divorce, but other sources has suggests that the two are just downsizing or want a new home.

The couple may bicker and argue all over national television, but Braxton’s Twitter and Instagram is full of tweets and pictures and suggest how much she loves her husband, who is also Lady GaGa’s manager.

From pictures cuddled up together to messages that express how important Herbert is to his wife, in the cyper world it doesn’t seem like there is much trouble in paradise.

“He is my everything & Lord knows,” one instagram picture posted by the 35-year-old reality star read.

Vince even appeared to be understanding about the fact that his wife might not be able to have a baby any time soon.

The R&B singer may have to undergo fertility treatments whenever she is ready to have a child, but it seems like her husband isn’t putting any pressure on her to hurry it up.

“It was definitely hard because you want a family,” the 42-year-old told ABC News Radio. “…but it has to be our time and now just my timing.”

Tamar also made the decision to focus on her career for now instead of worrying about starting a family, and one can only hope that that wasn’t the decision that drove the marriage apart.

The almost untouched home that the couple barely lived in have five bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms and sits on the western foothills of San Fernando Valley in L.A and the Ventura County Line.

The faux-French style home sits on 1.3 acres and is expected to sell pretty quickly.


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