Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Divorce Rumors Stir Up Again

Khloe Kardashian has publicly denied any allegations that her husband Lamar Odom visited a divorce lawyer in an attempt to walk out on his marriage without losing any money.

It was probably the last thing the younger Kardashian expected to read when she saw her photo on the cover of a magazine.

Tabloid have been reported that Odom is fed up with Khloe’s busy schedule and is ready to call it quits.

According to one cover story, he even visited a divorce lawyer to see if they could get him out of the marriage with his $67 million fortune still in his pockets.

Of course, Odom’s wife doesn’t believe a word of the rumors and sources close to the 28-year-old say that the divorce story is “bogus.”

“It’s so not true what they’re saying,” Khloe’s close friend told Hollywood Life. “It’s completely bogus! She seriously couldn’t be happier. She and Lamar are totally fine.”

The source went on to add that stories like this are exactly why Lamar’s wife doesn’t even read many gossip magazines.

“Khloe never reads those magazines and this new cover story is completely bogus,” the source continued. “They live happily together. Despite what people may think, Lamar and Khlo live private lives.”

Especially ever since husband Lamar demanded to have a little less attention from the camera crews that are constantly following his wife around.

In an attempt to stay focused on what is really important, the couple decided not to continue on with their own reality show and Khloe has vowed to try to spend more time with her man.

So far she’s been doing a pretty good job at keeping her promise.

Whether it’s for a new ad, or just showing support at his games the reality star has remained by husband’s side.

The couple posed together for a new ad for a special holiday version of their unisex fragrance.

The Unbreakable Joy fragrance combines the scents of fresh spices, champagne, jasmine, chocolate truffle, cedar wood, and musk to create a special scent just for the holidays.

In addition to cuddling up with her husband for the fragrance ad she dragged her family along for the ride as she went to go support the 32-year-old’s new basketball team.

Now that he plays for the L.A Clippers, it isn’t a problem for the whole family to come see him play ball.

The youngest Kardashian sister’s mother Kris Jenner, and her two younger half sisters Kylie and Kendall joined Khlo as she showed support for her man’s team.

Unfortunately, an injury prevented the NBA star from getting on the court, but it didn’t stop his wife from showing her interest.

While the rest of her family members were busy with their cell phones and Twitter accounts, the new X-Factor host gave the game her full attention.

Speaking of which, the curvaceous reality star almost didn’t land the X-Factor gig but her mom came to the rescue.

Rumors about the new hosting job were circulating for weeks as E! and Fox struggled to reach a deal that would allow Lamar’s wife to appear on both the X-Factor and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

After hearing that her daughter might not become the new X-Factor star, however, Khloe’s manager and mother jumped in to save the day.

The mother of the Kardashian clan “stepped in over the agents… over everyone” and forced both networks to reach a compromise.

“She just knows how to make s—t happen,” an anonymous source said about Mama Jenner.

So with a little help from her mom, Khloe will officially be joined Mario Lopez on the X-Factor stage this November.


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