Tyra Banks Is Ready to Be a Mom and She ‘Ain’t a Cougar’

Tyra Banks stopped by Steve Harvey’s talk show today for a visit and she announce that she is ready to be a mom. “”I’m ready to have some babies. … Yeah! I want babies. I’ve always wanted them, but … I’ve been saying ‘I want babies in three years’ since I was like 27,” the 38-year-old beauty told Harvey. “They’re going to be parboiled and fried and scrambled up in there. Time to get them eggs workin!”
Banks also addressed rumors about her love life. She has been linked to rapper Drake and her fellow America’s Next Top Judge Rob Evans, both more than a decade younger than her. “There’s been a lot of rumors that I’ve been dating certain people. Young boys,” said Banks. “Ain’t true. I ain’t a cougar.”

The day before, Banks stopped by Katie Couric’s show to talk about bullying and body acceptance. Perfect is boring,” Banks said to Couric. “My mission…is expanding the definition of beauty.”

She even showed of her “muffin top” and let Couric squeeze her gut saying “Don’t you feel that?” and Couric verified that the former supermodel indeed had a slight pooch saying, “Ok, that’s enough honey. It’s real, it’s real!”
Prior to making her talk show rounds, Banks was spotted visiting Harvard Business School, where she earned her certificate in Business Administration. She was there for a reunion and was spotted having brunch with friends. She also instragrammed a picture of herself and a girlfriend in front of Boston Library. “Harvard Business School cookies were passed out at my reunion. OPM rules!!!” she posted on her Twitter page. Banks has never been shy about her pride for attending Harvard, even though she didn’t get a degree from the Ivy League giant. “Most definitely there’s something to do with it being Harvard,” Banks once said about attending the school. “Harvard Business School – the number one business school in the entire world.”

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