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Tyra Banks Shows Beach-Ready Body – And Sense Of Humor

When you judge women’s bodies, style and poise for a living, it stands to reason you’d make sure you were runway ready at all times.

And Tyra Banks showed just that in a photo taken in pristine Caribbean waters.

Banks built an empire delivering critiques to young models-in-training on “America’s Next Top Model,” but the self-proclaimed “flawsome” supermodel is not so self-conscious that she will not take a jab at herself from time to time.

Even as she showed off her curves in a hot swimsuit on Twitter, Banks showed she is not above a good laugh at her own expense.

“I challenge you to a big 4head contest,” she tweeted. “You know I got that win on lock!”

It’s not the first time Banks, 38, has spoken out about her imperfections.

The star often uses her social media presence to promote positive messages about body confidence.

“Fam, what part of your bod do you not like but are learning 2 love?” she tweeted to her six million followers earlier this month.

And she’s not the only famous beauty to make fun of her physical appearance.

Last week, Barbados bombshell Rihanna also hit up Twitter to mock the size of her forehead, posting a black and white photo of herself next to a sign that read “Mine’s bigger than yours.”

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