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Alfred Hitchcock Wants You To Silence Your Cell Phone

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen…”

Alfred Hitchcock reveled in on-camera theatrics, from appearing in cameos in his films, to camping it up in their trailers. So, something tells me the dearly departed Master of Suspense would love this new in-theater PSA.

Ostensibly an ad for the upcoming Hitchcock, Anthony Hopkins as Hitch warns terrified moviegoers that “nothing is more horrifying than talking or texting in the middle of the movie.” Of course, Hitchcock had strict rules about his films were to be seen. To preserve the suspenseful twists in Psycho, he placed ads forbidding anyone would be admitted into the theater after the screening had begun. The mandate was obeyed: ushers and managers even turned away a pregnant woman paid by a newspaper to test the theaters’ resolve.

If only we could get a “no phone” ban during screenings of Hitchcock. And a “no baby” policy. And theater staff dressed as Norman Bates to “take care off” patrons who talk. Hey, a girl can dream.

Check out the PSA below. Hitchcock opens in theaters November 23rd.

[jwplayer mediaid=”22119″]

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