New Trailer for 'RED 2'

Another trailer has come out for this summer’s sequel to 2010’s “oh yeah that was a movie” RED. Bruce Willie, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich are back as former spies who continue to kick ass in their old age. Because Hollywood is loath to ever remind us that we age and eventually can’t do certain things anymore.

They’re joined by, among others, Anthony Hopkins as a scientist who appears to specialize in wackiness and Catherine Zeta-Jones as an old flame of Bruce Willie’s. Also Lee Byung-hun is in it, and I am very pleased to see him get his own credit in this trailer. My boy’s moving up in the world! Maybe someday he can even be a protagonist!

But that, along with a few delightful moments from Mirren, is all that strikes me as anything special about this trailer. RED was alright. I’m sure this will be equally alright.

RED 2 comes out August 2nd. Behold the trailer:

Also, doesn’t “RED” stand for “retired – extremely dangerous?” None of these people are really retired anymore.

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