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6 Real Life Black Characters That Hollywood Cast As White People Instead

angelina jolie playing mariane pearl 2

Angelina Jolie as Mariane Pearl in A Mighty Heart

The wife of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is of Afro-Chinese-Cuban descent. One look at Mariane Pearl and it becomes clear she’s not white. So it’s not hard to imagine how outraged supporters were when actress Angelina Jolie was cast as Mariane in the 2007 biopic A Mighty Heart.

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136 thoughts on “6 Real Life Black Characters That Hollywood Cast As White People Instead

  1. Good point, a plan for survival…as a collective group we were never able to plan anything. A march or two, and then what? Its by design, every time we seen to come together there (NSCM#46) or something to stop it. We are a people without a country, no foundation, nowhere to begin, Homeless, wandering tribe.

  2. Zade Darwish says:

    Did you hear about what happened to
    Europeans brought about the extinction of many
    Native tribes in North America and South America.
    Whites have completely exterminated the black
    Native race of New Zealand.
    Where do you think AIDS came from?
    Why do you think there are tribal wars all over Africa?
    Do you think what's happening to black youth is not
    planned. It is all reversible, if we work together.
    Please read books by Neely Fuller ,
    and Dr F.Welsing. Please research genocide and
    eugenics. Hotep to all Africans.

  3. Zade Darwish its nothing compared to slavery and colonialism.

  4. Zade Darwish says:

    Whites no longer need black labor.
    They have Mexicans and Robots.
    They are both docile and never complain.
    The white elites view blacks as obselete. To be poisoned, imprisoned, or killed and sold for body parts. Wake up black man and woman!

  5. Lol bruh I hate to break it to you Jesus was middle eastern he looked like a terrorist

  6. Anonymous says:

    Zade Darwish Black Power!!!

  7. Zade Darwish slavery and colonialism was never about labour,it was about proving that black people are not human beings.Now that we are ruling america for 10 good years their opinion no longer matters

  8. Perry Hampton how does a terrorist look like? there are ethipian black jews so even Jesus might have been a black one exactly knows how he lloked like

  9. Perry Hampton He wasn't blonde and blue eyes in the desert

  10. Micha Yebo says:

    First off, if this site was the Atlanta white star I think it would cause an outrage in the black community. There are also all black cast movies and its cool,but to exploit it like this just shows the racism from the other side. Enough is enough. Stop looking at colour and see everyone for who they are as a human being.

  11. America's Hollywood is getting ready to use another Caucasian to play the part of the African Pharaoh 'Cleopatra', and to add to that, they're using Caucasians to make a film on the African Deities of EGIPT. It's Frightening!! #THEBLINDINGLIGHTOFMISINFORMATIONMUSTEND

  12. Ezra Taylor says:

    Perry Hampton What does a terrorist look like? We have a lot of them in every community.

  13. Ezra Taylor says:

    Zade Darwish I agree with you that blacks, especially black men have been decimated all over the world. Those few of us that have so called made it tend not to give back to the community.

  14. Ezra Taylor says:

    Zade, that exactly what I plan to do with my daughters. We have to prepare. Its going to get worse.

  15. Ezra Taylor says:

    So whites should stop looking at color.

  16. Ronveer Chakraborty says:

    If you are Afro-Chinese-Cuban, you're not black. You are Afro-Chinese-Cuban. Angelina's character still had mixed black hair and could not have been mixed for white in that movie. I don't see this as an injustice.

  17. What planet are you from?

  18. Chimpelle Obongo says:

    It is often difficult for simian savages to appear on screen without flinging poo at the human actors. Even Hollywood realizes that fact and has had to replace some apes with actors.

  19. Chimpelle Obongo says:

    Sundiata Keita Just another gorilla~nosed nigger. So you are 'talking' with posters on this forum? You don't understand the difference between 'talking' and 'writing'. Posts and letters are READ. They cannot 'speak', so they SAY nothing.

    Learn English, monkey. At least learn to APE it.

    Don't worry. I'm blocking your porch~monkey butt.

  20. Emilio Juarez-Soto says:

    Another misleading headline- "6 Real Life Black Characters That Hollywood Cast As White People Instead."

    The Katniss character was not black and it never says it in the book. Olive skin and black hair means she was probably Latino/Middle Eastern/Even Sicilian/Greek. How is that black?

    Mariane Pearl was part black- she also was Chinese and Spanish descended Cuban.

  21. Ronveer Chakraborty says:

    Samantha Spencer Which part of my statement do you not agree with?

  22. Dmax Lomax says:

    You mean he looked like the KKK?

  23. Dmax Lomax says:

    It's very hard for the ppl in power in hollyweird to show empowerment to ppl of color. It goes against what they stand for.

  24. what color are olives dumbass? black or green. the most common ones are black so if she was described as olive color then she is black or green you make the logical choice!

  25. Waaaaaaaaattttt p'errrrrrrrrrr!

  26. Theodora Anagor says:

    James Russells The bible is an amagamation of allagories from different peoples based in Africa and the middle east. Jews did not come from the middle east. Eastern Europe is their hope.

  27. Theodora Anagor says:

    Micha Yebo If there was not a problem with colour then the people casting these films would cast correctly. Clearly colour is an issue, showing black people in certain positions, of vunerability and leadership, and unflawed heroism.

  28. Sambo Jallo says:

    Perry Hampton So according to you having middle eastern features made you look a terrorist ?

  29. Michael Dean says:

    Zade Darwish One correction, brother…the indigenous peoples are Polynesian( Pacific Islanders ) Maoris. They still exist. Not in great numbers, but they have not been completely exterminated. I know a few. You might referring to the indigenous Tasmanians of Tasmania. Yes. Whites LITERALLY exterminated every single one of them. I believe the last one died as a servant around
    1918. Research
    The Black Wars'. Hope this helps. Peace…

  30. Romeal Watson says:

    The central issues is that not enough Black actors are given a chance to work on-screen, build a career, and make a living. There's not enough movies with a large amount of Black actors anyway, so when they do that, on top of what they are already doing (mostly casting White actors), it makes things much more difficult. Not to mention Asian actors, jesus christ.

    At the core of this issue, it's economic deprivation, Black folks aren't able to build up enough money to do more of our own films. We go to pitch ideas with companies who in turn understand that the core audience is bias and wouldn't pay to see the Black experience (if it's not a comedy), which is opposite of what other groups are able to do with their own respective groups (for the most part). They have a better financial backing to support movies about their experience, because they know the general audience is less sensitive about it.

  31. Tony Tate says:

    No one knows what Jesus looked like because the bible and Jesus and religion is all a fairy tale it's like wondering what nationality the jolly green giant was You can't put a real face to a fake person

  32. Tony Tate says:

    Sto trying to humanize a fairy tale

  33. Roquefort Merlot says:

    So the answer must be to find a way to fund the movies we want to see how we want to see them

  34. Laura Bowen says:

    Hmmm OK what about the other way around black people have played many white roles in movies Broadway fairy tales nobody complains then

  35. Michael Olouasa I don't know why you guys are arguing with Perry. You will NEVER get a white person to admit that. Those devils went so far as to change the wording of his hair description. Instead of saying his hair was like wool, it now says 'like white wool'. A man who died at 32 years old had a head full of white hair?? They need to quit.

  36. C.o. Law says:

    Bruns Michelle I agree, there is only one reason why whites frequent sites geared towards blacks, reconnaissance. Whites can never feel any type of comfort unless they know what the N!663rs are up to.

  37. Zade Darwish EXCELLENT!!!! Can I share this?

  38. Loving Kindness Hotep says:

    Like the movie the exodus coming out in december
    All white cast of black gods its a sad thing when your the baddest on the planet and people with no history steal yours lmao

  39. Linda Harper says:

    Many roles I think you exaggerate.

  40. Mansa Keita says:

    Okay, so who's down to go see Exodus: Gods and Kings with me when it comes out in theaters?

  41. Nessa Quez says:

    JessicaLucinda Cindy Williams Amen

  42. In all fairness, the Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury is based off the Ultimate counterpart who is very much black and while Michael Clarke Duncan did play an incarnation of Kingpin, a new version starring Vincent D Onofrio is set to come out next year who is very much white.

  43. JessicaLucinda Cindy Williams says:

    The only thing being accomplished on this post is the spread of confusion. Y'all can have it!

  44. Melvin Middleton Jr. says:

    Katniss from Hunger Games????

  45. Melvin Middleton Jr. says:

    Katniss from Hunger Games????

  46. Melvin Middleton Jr. says:

    Katniss from Hunger Games????

  47. Melvin Middleton Jr. says:

    Katniss from Hunger Games????

  48. Larger ThanLife says:

    its all marketings and money.. is what people fail to realize… we live in a world of rich and poor.

  49. Larger ThanLife says:

    Zade Darwish make some white friends since all your comments are saying this and that about mainly white people being racist against black..never how when i walk into a place how black people stare at me and are more uncomfortable with me walking in instead me uncomfortable walking in. .even if we say where not racist some blackp people will say YES YOU ARE because they "feel" you are by JUDGING you. Cmon now… so i can call every black person racist because they're black. Stop using the term white people and start using the term "some" white people. What do you say to interracial kids and relationships … u must HATE that… are those white people racist too? its funny… if the world was to end… and buildings came failing… and ur hurt and someone offers to help u…. are you really gong to care what race they are? Cmon, your own race will run past you too! people are racist towards people period. A girl to a girl of the same race will hate each other or see someone hurt and not help.. it doesnt matter what color u are. theres good and bad in every race

  50. Peter D. Blair says:

    EPIC FAILURE! Katniss Everdeen was not a real person. Oh and for the racists in the thread here's a list of actors with "Olive" color skin.
    Jessica Alba (Mixed race).
    Ben Barnes (Caucasian).
    Jeff Goldblum (Caucasian).
    James Franco (Caucasian).
    Jennifer Aniston (Caucasian).
    Gary Dourdan (African American).
    Michael Ealy (African American).

    Starting to get the picture? Olive skin tone is a wide ranging tone, next time leave your ignorance at the door.

  51. Peter D. Blair says:

    Gloria Howell Washington Nope his skin tone looked a lot like Jeff Goldblum!

  52. Qazi Hassan says:

    Perry Hampton Yes Jesus was Jewish, but what race? If he was Ashkenazi then he was blonde, if Sephardi then brown like an Arab (terrorist in your words), if Falasha then black like Ethiopians.

  53. Jesus was a Jew, he was not Black he was Jewish plain and simple. Now the question is why are there so many depictions of him with Blond hair and Blue eyes, the other thing that pisses me off is when the talk about the Black Man they talk about us like we are some kind of aberration. RAT BASTARDS, when I went to China and saw a man as dark as me with an AFRO it changed my thoughts on so called race. There is only one RACE AND THAT IS THE HUEMAN RACE. Hue = Color- Man = Men and Woman so there you have it. PEOPLE OF COLOR all the black and white bull crap is contrived and used to divide and control our collective dumb asses.

  54. This is why I no longer believe a dam thing about African history or anything to do with Africans if white folks are involved, or if the information comes from a white mouht.. All they know is to whitewash everything with their blatant lies and claim everything and anything as theirs….century after century. Next MalcolmX and MLK will be played by some white dude. They're casting dark-skinned Nina Simone story, with a mulatto….light skinned, Zoe Saldana, yet there are MANY dark-skinned actresses that could and should play this part. They're going to put Zoe Saldana in "Black face" to play this part! The "Exodus"? A complete and utter fallacy….all Egyptians were white. Ancient Egyptians weren't white, yet there they go again, claiming and re-writing history. smh

  55. Shawn Mc says:

    olive skin isn't a definite women of color, could a mediterranean women.

  56. He was middle eastern.

  57. Sorry the Katness Everdeen description is NOT a "woman of color". That sounds like an Italian to me, or at least a person from a Grecco/Roman metiteranian country. I'm calling bullshit on that one.The Rue thing was pathetic though. You're right about that one.

  58. Define middle eastern? If you study history the Arabs or middle eastern did not come to this area of the world until 600AD.

  59. Yeah and they just cast Apocalypse in the new X-Men movie as a white guy. He's Egyptian.

  60. Katniss is black? Really? I suppose that means that Monica Ballucci, who has OLIVE SKIN, is black as well?

  61. You come off as bigoted. "If it white folks are involved, or if the information comes from a white mouth." Replace White with Black, and you'll see how horrible you come across.

  62. Jonathan Brett Kennedy Too bad! You people have been re- writing AND claiming history, ect for centuries as your own, yet I'm a bigot because I don't believe a word that comes out of a white mouth. FOH! Now go and tell your white friends , family, ect…to END their beloved creation of white supremacy and to write the dam history correct. I dare you; then get back with me, if not F-off hypocrite!

  63. Hey perry up until the late 40s/early 50s the majority of the middle east was north africa! !!!!

  64. Michael Boss says:

    I TRULY hope you're joking man LMAO!! Do you know where the original Jews come from? They're from Ehtiopia. Jews ARE African!!! They're Black. Also, being a Jew is a faith, NOT a race. There is no race of human called " Jew". The Caucasian "Jews" you see today are converts from Germany, Poland and Russia,and other European countries. They're not the original. All the depections you see of Jesus today is that of Cesare Borgia. He is the son of Pope Alexander VI. Borgia was a killing machine, and as evil as they come. His father had the as artist of their time to change Jesus's likeness to his. Lastly, the human race came to be BECAUSE of the AFRCIAN people. ALL races are mutations of the AFRCIAN race. This is scientifically proven, and universally excepted by scholars.So the original "Hue man" is an African( People of color).

  65. Michael Boss says:

    AFRICAN People/race*

  66. I agree doc. That still doesn't account for the other five they've mentioned though.

  67. Lol man you did not just hit that " The only race is the human race" line? Have a seat doc.

  68. @Michael Boss I was married to a Black Jew named Cohen so please, please tell me something I do not know and you are darned right I will say it again there is only one race.

  69. @Michael Boss I was married to a Black Jew named Cohen so please, please tell me something I do not know and you are darned right I will say it again there is only one race.

  70. Hugh Holmes says:

    I'll give Angelina a pass–she's got bigger lips than I'VE got….

  71. Perry Hampton you're an idiot. Scripture gives the description NOT YOU. The color of Brass, but burned in an oven is VERY FU*KIN CLEAR! Take your 'white' word "terrorist" and SIUYA! The most notorious terrorists that ever lived are 'white' people, historically and as recent as early this morning. GTFOH!

  72. Pearl is mixed race, including Asian, so not many blacks would look like her, Jolie has the lips, and Pearl approved the casting. Fictional characters don't count. Hopkins doesn't even look Jewish, much less black. The woman who killed the cyclist with her car was played by a white woman to keep you people from complaining. Othello was a Moor, but that could mean Arabic or north African, not necessarily black African.

  73. Zade Darwish Yeah, I saw "Elysium".

  74. I am so sick of the white washing too.

  75. know what we should remake braveheart and recast a black man as braveheart of better yet, let's make a film about the Klu Klux Klan (god forbid) and cast them all as black actors, hey it doesn't matter right as long as people can act–now I hope people can see what I mean–white washing is never ok.

  76. Jocelyn Greer I'm sorry I called you "people".

  77. Garret Smith says:

    Egyptians weren't "black as coal" they were middle eastern. And if anyone's the hypocrite its you, because in the end your supporting black supremacy, are you not? What happened to all men are created equal? You know racism goes both way and you sound pretty racist against white people judging by your comment, however you probably don't see it that way because the only people that can be racist are white people in your eyes. No one should be judged on the color of their skin but everyone can be judged on the ignorance no matter their religion, color, gender, etc, and, you ma'am are as ignorant as they come.

  78. Chris Kelly says:

    Garret Smith Oh, shut up…MORE WHITE-WASHING PEOPLE. Listen to this dam fool here. A flat out racist fuck….AGAIN. Read the history moron. They were Black as coal, until the migration and invasions began. READ THE DAM HISTORY. No such thing as "middle eastern". If you read up on history you'd know why white folks made-up that term moron. Your dumb ass probably think the Ancient Egytians were "white, dark europeans, or middle eastern also"…..don't come to me with your feelings, pick up a dam book with the true history. Do you need reputable scholars and authors? Moron….smh Black supremacy? You don't have a problem with white supremacy, nor do you go tell your white friends, family, ect to end your beloved system of white supremacy, now do you? Do you confront white supremacist with this bullshit? HELL NO! But as soon as you find a Black person who doesn't praise you "people"…in other words, go along with your COMICAL "superiority" crap and lies, you scream, "racist" or " Black supremacy"! GTFOH! If we aren't loving white folks, we're "racist"….GTFOH! But if we hate and reject our own, you're o'k with that. Dam hypocrite… you confront those who speak against Blacks with their racist bullshit? HELL NO! By definition Blacks cannot be racist moron, yes prejudice but not racist. Know what the fuck the word means…..confront me when you obtain some dam knowledge and leave your dam feelings and lack of intellect to yourself! I am for MY PEOPLE, if that's "racist"….too fucking bad!!!! Learn what the fuck the word means moron!!

  79. Chris Kelly says:

    If I am a "racist" for placing my people above all others, as ALL OTHERS DO WITH THEIR own, including whites….then so be it. But learn what the fuck that word means. Blacks cannot be racist, yet prejudice, yes….I am prejudice for my own. It's intelligent and practical to do so, but I don't desire to ravage, rape, pillage and destroy, or kill as whites desire to those non-white ( history, evidence, record) Big difference. Do whites confront white racist? HELL NO? Do they make efforts to end THEIR system of white supremacy that they created in which the majority, practice, maintain and support? HELL NO! Yet as soon as they find a Black person who doesn't support or praise their COMICAL system of "superiority", and white ideologies and rhetoric,… then place their own (Black) above all others as all others do, we are deemed "racist"……in other words, " get back in line", is the undertone of that crap. It's to maintain white supremacy, the degradation and subjugation of my people and myself…. via white supremacy. Do they oppose or interfere with the Chinese or Japanese? who CLEARY practice race first, Do they? Hell no! but let a Black person decide to do as the Chinese, Japanese, ect….all hell breaks loose! Why? These are undercover white supremacist in fear of loosing control, domination and death of the African and nothing more. GTFOH!

  80. Alex Smirnov says:

    Crystal Kelly I agree with you completely that the whites have been writing history for the last 400-500 years. But this is not simply because of racism, it's because of Europe dominating the world through culture, economy and military. Just like Egypt dominated the ancient world at one time. Winners write history.

    Btw, ancient Egyptions were NOT coal black. I stopped taking you seriously then. Since they made fun of barbaric Syrians for being black and they depicted themselves in their art/tombs as being more middle eastern. So stop re writing history your way. Thanks.

  81. Chris Kelly says:

    Alexei Smirnov Again, shut up and READ AND RESEARCH! There is no such thing as "middle eastern"…that was made-up by WHITES in order to remove Egypt from Africa, , for many reasons ( greed, and to claim their history, land, ect, ect) which IS in Africa. KNOW the history. Arabs…the "middle easterners" MIGRATED AND INVADED Africa when it was called, "The land of the Blacks" Kush or Ethiopia it was called, not Africa…..they were "coal Black"… much so that one could see a blue or green hue when viewing them. They exist today….I know one thing. White folks need to stop trying to tell me about my own people and history and tend to themselves and REMOVE AND END THEIR SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY instead of trying to tell me what the fuck is my history, how about that….control freaks! White folks who don't bother to READ OR RESEARCH A DAM THING. It's you who are regurgitating FALSE history….the white man's history. Africa didn't start with the Arabs or "middle easterners"….nor did your Jesus ever exist. He was made-up by again, the white man for the sake of domination, control and to support that COMICAL superiority that the majority of you practice.

  82. Chris Kelly says:

    Ancient Egyptians and that dude named Jesus if he ever existed was BLACK AS COAL. get over it white folks. The African was here on Earth thousands of years BEFORE the white man with great dynasties which included architecture, astrology, mathematics, science, medicine ect…you name it. It all originated from the African. or those who were enslaved here in the States, yet put in their masters name. Your Vatican stole many artifacts that sit in underground vaults which they refuse to return to the African. Many European museums stole many artifacts also which they too refuse to return. There is no such thing as the "middle east" which was created in order to separate Egypt from Africa which is IN AFRICA!! For the sole purpose of claiming Egypt as their own and disallowing the African their rightful heritage. Black as coal…get over It.They still exist…..

  83. lol! Jennifer Aniston having a tan is not the same as olive skin. Get over yourself.

  84. Alexandra Signorile-Côté Olive skin has a huge tonal range.

  85. Jevon Gibson says:

    But the outrage over fictional characters like Jimmy olsen and Johnny storm being casted by a black actor has turned the wold over on its side..twice

  86. I have olive skin and I am black.

  87. Bernard Trinity Yeah I have olive skin too, and I'm considered black too. But "straight black hair, olive skin and grey eyes," isn't the general description of a black person, now is it? Come on man. I am calling BS as a person with olive skin, who is also considered black, and who read the book. I did NOT see that description as a black girl (especially with the descriptions of her mother and sister) Let's be a little bit honest here.

  88. Lol racism…wont get past it with all this hate inside you.

  89. You said fairy tales characters, this article is about real life black people being portrayed by white actors. If I made up an character then I can make them what I want them to be.

  90. Based on what facts, this is a fact that Muhammad was a Christian before he created the Islamic faith. do your research. but I'm not denying that Christianity is not real.

  91. Least not forget that Liz Taylor was cast as Cleopatra way back in the day, and Cleopatra was black

  92. Laura Bowen says:

    Mark I didn't realize Katniss from the Hunger Games was a real person…interesting

  93. Has no one mentioned that Marianne Pearl WANTED Jolie to play her? She felt the actress could play her better than anyone else and asked Jolie (who said no at first

  94. amazing as it sounds, Ive known 3 Black people (2 women, 1 male) in my life w/green eyes.

  95. John Marley says:

    As long as they do the character justice, I don't care of Olson and Storm are Pink with Purple Polka Dots.

  96. Jevon Gibson says:

    That's exactly how I feel about it too Johnathan.

  97. John Marley says:

    Sim Sima, ignore that trash. S/he is exactly what is wrong with the world.

  98. Much ado about nada, I'm Cuban and multi-ethnic like most Cubanos, that's why we're multi-ethnic because race doesn't matter. Cubans are Cubans, we don't differentiate. It's an American absurdity and sad that you have to always validate your race and existence. I say good she got the part and it was based on her ability as an actor not her color. Thanks Obama again for taking us back fifty years, I guess this was the change he was talking about, sad!

  99. Lorpu Togbah says:

    Yes, it sad but that is our reality. You can ado about nada but your dark-skinned Cuban brothers and sisters who have to deal with the same reality will not share your sentiment. As for Obama, since he have come into leadership…there are Indians, Mexicans, Chinese etc who are in office. But I guess you don't see that because the ability to reason and think for yourself was robbed from you long time ago.

  100. So I guess all these people are going to go out and by a video camera for some creative black kid. Or help put a black person through film school. Or help fund a couple of projects created by blacks. Or create a non-profit that helps fund bigger-budget black films… right?

  101. Angelina is not really white. Jolie's grandparents were French-Canadian. She is of Czech descent on her father's side, and French-Canadian and Iroquois on her mother's side. And don't forget Yul Brynner who could play almost any ethnic group. Angelina came close to resembling her. Who do we have in Hollywood who looks like Pearl? If you look the part, then play the part. See that is how much we almost all look alike. DNA.

  102. Sur Esh says:

    Really easy to corrupt and influence ones mind with a headline like REAL LIFE CHARACTERS, when 4 of the 6 were fictional book characters, and 1 was mixed race.. . . Maybe they should have included the Honeymooners, Annie, Nick Fury, Johnny Storm Or Alliyha being cast as a pale skinned vampire! . . . Eesh!

  103. Steve Grant says:

    Well this is so funny i never knew white folks got color now unless they go get a tan in the sun,suddenly they like peter blair calling afrikan folks racist when his crakkka ass started the whole race shit all over the frigging planet claiming they are everybody in history,egypt,khemit ta-merry still is in afrika and his mutanoid caucausoid ass claiming they are ancient egyptians braking off the noses and lips but leaving the goddam nappy hair and still saying they us,still trying this stupid white supremacy kkk small stuff on us….dammm its sickening after 500 year of terror enslavement and extermination from these devils…..steups


  105. Eain Smith says:

    Thank you!!!! You get it!

  106. They have always attempted to white wash us right out of history.

  107. Perry Hampton, I am happy to brake it to you bud, there were no middle eastern people in Jesus's day. Middle eastern people didn't come into effect until Europeans arrived in north Africa and mixed with the so called "Black" Africans. Your post was pretty funny though.

  108. Hugh Holmes says:

    Mediterraneans are ANCIENTLY part-Black…

  109. Your all wrong no one wants to admit it but Jesus wasn't black or Spanish or even traditional white he is actually Jewish in culture. The last supper picture is actually the last passover sedar ask your priest and he will say I'm right.

  110. Joan Brown says:

    …It's you who is unwilling to admit that not only was Jesus black, but all the tribes of Israel was black! You are aiming in the right ballpark,…traditional Jewish people were that way based on religion, and the Jewish religion was also a way for life for them. Religion was their ethnicity. But, they were not only black, but they were also in Africa! Religious people are known to lie, just like everyone else! Who do you think came up with the brilliant idea to display images of Jesus as a white man? Those who claim to be Jewish by today's standards are based on religion, but most of them are white…It's not the same thing!

  111. I said that when I shared the article a few minutes ago.. I've never wanted to see it though

  112. So much hate in 2015… What's done is done! Let's move forward! History was Black and White… I like Grey… When the government causes duress amongst it's people? Government wins..

  113. This is what I have been trying to get these over-Christians to understand. White man claimed he found the scripts all over the world and white man deciphered them (we all know how that went). Then when they began to tell the story and tried to immunate Jesus, they couldn't very well tell whites (who think they are a superior being for some reason) that they were created by the very mankind they hate so badly. So they put a description in a book, knowing that blacks would be limited to the readings and whites just omitted those scriptures and painted a white Jesus to appease their egos. You see white man lies so much, he believes his own lies because he has lost the sense of truth, and is highly resentful of those who sees right through it. Flash News: White People-Blacks are on to you. We know what you did and we know who you are!

  114. C Devaun Rashard C I have a sister-in-law with green eyes (natural) and she's black. I have a nephew with green eyes and olive skin and both parents are blacks. I have 2 granddaughters that have green eyes, olive skin and wavy hair and both their parents are black. My grandmother was 100% Cherokee on my mom's side, and my grandfather was son of slaves. Both my fathers parents were slaves and his dad was killed by his 'master'. I have olive skin, brown eyes, part of my hair is wavy, some of it is straight, and some of it is like sheep's wool. So I am one of them who would wear weave just for even texture.

  115. What about the fuss they're making about the black guy being a superhero. Heck for all we know, all the superheros could be black. That's that superiority complex they have they feel no one else is entitled to.

  116. Those are just another bunch of their lies. Not enough African American actors. Funny, Tyler Perry doesn't have any problems finding enough to fill his roles. Where were they looking for them? In Africa?

  117. Don't be an a** thinking you're smart. Maybe someone needs to get you updated to history. Maybe you need to come from under the sheet so you can see reality, because to be that stupid has to be depressing and lonely.

  118. Charlotte Johnson Realize who you're talking to before you assume. I once ran one of the biggest BLACK oriented social networks on the internet. I personally wrote 10s of thousands of lines of code and built a brand for OUR people. Not so much for monetary gain. Because truth be told, building something homogeneous for the masses would have made me a millionaire. My critiques based on experience. Mt=y team covered black entertainment for 5 years… IN HOLLYWOOD. What are yours based on? I always speak from a place of experience, not from my cozy little bubble.

  119. Charlotte Johnson Here's your google search keywords just in case you're curious: james xo lincoln mochacity.

  120. I am not saying that there is "no element of African" in the book description. But let's be honest PLEASE. When someone describes "olive skin" and green eyes – no one who lives in America at the very least, thinks "oh it's a black girl." I understand how genetic pheonotypical expression works.

    My point is only that the inclusion of Katness in this otherwise correct assessment of what Hollywood does to black book characters is an unnecessary stretch.

    And like I said above I am a olive skinned black guy that my grandmother's generation might have called red bone or high yellow, depending on the time of year they saw me.

  121. I understand what you and the other commenters are trying to say. It all comes down to reader-response. Each reader places their own experience in helping to interpret the literature. When I read the book, I purposefully saw the characters that we're talking about as a POC because I know that most mainstream art will not put people that look like me as main characters. This is why there was an uproar when rue's character actually was a poc on the silver screen. Most white people will only see white characters when they read lol. So to say that the description wasn't or couldn't be a poc to someone else other than yourself invalidates other people's reader response. That's the beauty of the imagination and it also shows how whiteness is normalized in media, art and literature.

  122. If you dont believe in god you want it without him

  123. Its sad because black people didnt get credit for invention and creation they made because white people took credit for them

  124. Daryle Webb says:

    Yes Derrick… Jesus is depicted as a black man… in all of the old testement Bible revised and revised again… same as Moses… although they were bliblically black… they never existed… and nor did the rest of them.. Noah, Abraham… all fictional.. and I don't know why the hell someone would say he was of middle eastern olive skinned terrorist unless they hate the idea that he was biblically black….

  125. Lou Rey says:

    Perry Hampton Like Dylan Roof?

  126. You went from saying "them" to "you"… I feel the you're lumping me into your Hate for white people. That's no different then a Hispanic, Asian, Pakistani, or a Caucasian blaming the African American community for gangs and violent robberies. I'm geared towards the future not the past. I could bring up stories of ww2 and the Germans baking the majority of my Polish ancestors, but why? I'm glad some survived and escaped to the USA, but what's done is done. What happened to my race in the past shouldn't entitle me over anyone. The history books don't tell those stories correctly either. But I'm not going to dwell on it.

  127. Aaliyah was fine playing a vampire. A vampire can be any race. All vampires are supposed to be pale, no matter what shade their skin is because of lack of blood due to being undead.

  128. Machell Keel says:

    What's done is done? Maybe for 'you and yours'. I am annoyed by individuals who actually fix their mouths to compare the Holocaust to Black American Slavery, racism and the systematic oppression that continues to this very day. Also, Hollywood has always done this. The bottom line i$$$, White people prefer to see white people in movies/television, regardless of the character's actual race; Moses, Othello, Nina Simone, Jesus, Cleopatra, Noah, etc. etc. The next thing you know, they'll have Angelina Jolie in black face playing the role of Oprah Winfrey. And once again, everything will be just hunky dory.

  129. @Seth Aaron Schneider Oh yes he was black, truly, most of the biblical people were African and wrote in African……google Ceasar Biorgia, white Jesus is closer to the devil worship, made only to justify genocide, greed, and power…Jewish in culture is not a race…but that would make him even more black …

  130. @felix valdera This was an issue long before Obama, just with social media being so common, people are just seeing more, and tired of the bs…validate your race = wanting to be treated and represented fairly to others..would you want to be harassed and treated as a 3rd rate foreighner in Cuba. Its not "nada" .I'm pretty sure you're wrong, since they explode with hate if a black replacement is even mention, talent isn't even considered… you are very ethnocentric…thats a bad thing…

  131. So shes white then…


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