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Colin Farrell Joins Anthony Hopkins For 'Solace'

Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins are set to join forces for Solace, a supernatural crime thriller focusing on psychic abilities, telekinesis, and the exploitation of such abilities to uphold the law.

Collider has recently released a report on the addition of Colin Farrell, whereas Hopkins signed on to star in Solace quite some time ago. He’ll play a psychically gifted former doctor who gets talked into tracking down a serial killer by the FBI. Colin Farrell is set to star alongside him as the federal agent that brings Hopkins’ into the mix.

Solace will be helmed by Alfonso Poyart, a Brazilian with only one feature film — Two Rabbits — under his belt. While obviously not too popular here in the States, Two Rabbits has generated a cult following in audiences more culturally inclined. With such big names as Hopkins and Farrell being involved with the project, one is forced to consider there may be more to Poyart than his lack of resume.

Colin Farrell has been quite the busy bee as of late. He’s recently starred in 2012’s Total Recall and Seven Psychopaths and wrapped up this year’s Dead Man Down, Epic, and Saving Mr. Banks. Anthony Hopkins — who really needs no introduction — has also been busy, starring in last year’s Hitchcock and currently working on Red 2, Thor: The Dark World, and Darren Aronofsky’s highly anticipated Noah.

While the casting of Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins is quite intriguing, one can’t help but think of how many other movies have been made with the exact same storyline as Solace — 2004’s Suspect Zero had nearly the exact same plot, as did countless episodes of The X-Files. It’s hard to be excited about something that’s been done, say, a million times. Unfortunately, with all the remakes, sequels, trilogies and crossovers, Hollywood’s creativity seems to be in short supply — Solace standing as a prime example.

In any case, Solace is set to begin production this May. Hopefully, between now and then, a few more non predictable and interesting names join the production (at this point, Charlie Sheen would do).

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