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Mavericks Suspend Delonte West For Conduct Reasons

Delonte West, the Dallas Mavericks guard who suffers from bipolar disorder, has been suspended for conduct detrimental to the team, coach Rick Carlisle said.

Carlisle did not specify a timetable for West’s suspension or a reason for the banishment.

However, sources told that West’s suspension stems at least in part from an outburst in the locker room after the Mavs’ 123-104 preseason win Monday over the Houston Rockets. He had 2 points, 2 assists and 1 rebound in 16 minutes in that game.

West tweeted later Monday: “Sorry moma…” and “I showed off on ur birthday again…”

West, an eight-year veteran entering his second season with the Mavs, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has had behavioral issues. In recent years, West has had financial troubles and lived in extended stay motels, the Mavericks practice facility and in a truck he was renting.

West’s bipolar disorder was a factor in a September 2009 incident that resulted in his arrest when he was pulled over in 2009 after cutting off a police officer in his three-wheel, Can-Am Spyder motorcycle on the Capital Beltway just outside his hometown of Washington, D.C.

The officer discovered a handgun in West’s pocket, another in his pant leg, a shotgun in a guitar case that was strapped to his back and a Bowie knife.

Last summer, West explained to Slam magazine that he had purchased the weapons as collector items and stored them in his $1.1 million home overlooking the Potomac River. West said that before going to bed on that Sept. 17 night, he took Seroquel, an antidepressant, only to awaken to the fact that some of his friends were in the basement, fooling with the weapons.

West said he took the weapons and decided to drive them to another residence, but wooziness from the medication caused him to nod off. He said he was trying to alert the officer that he needed help when he got pulled over.

Legally, the fallout could have been worse. Of the eight original charges, West pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors and was sentenced to home detention, probation, community service and counseling.

The NBA suspended West for 10 games without pay. More importantly, he says, was the fact that he had a $5 million contract offer pulled from the table, forcing him to take the veteran-minimum in Boston.

West was sentenced to eight months of house arrest for that incident and suspended for 10 games by the NBA.

West was a valuable role player for the Mavs last season, averaging 9.6 points and 3.2 assists and playing tenacious defense while seeing time at both guard positions.

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