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Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick Getting Married?

Kourtney Kardashian and long time boyfriend Scott Disick may finally be ready to tie the knot.

Kardashian and Disick have been together for years and even have two adorable children together.

Despite all this, the couple has remained boyfriend and girlfriend for five years and always claimed to be happy with where their relationship status stood.

Just a few weeks after baby Penelope has been born however, it seems like the couple is finally considering marriage… No word out yet on if Kim is jealous or not.

A source that is reportedly very close to the couple revealed that they were both seen visiting A-list celebrity wedding planner Sharon Sacks.

“About a month ago they visited celebrity wedding planner Sharon Sacks together just to discuss some details,” the source explained. “Nothing was set in stone, but Kourtney is definitely exploring the idea, which is a huge step for her.”

Sharon is the same famous event planner behind Khloe and Lamar’s wedding as well as Kim’s over the top extravagant televised wedding with Kris Humphries.

All because she may be able to put on a big show, however, doesn’t she mean she will for this Kardashian.

“Kourtney will likely be very low key when it comes to her wedding, don’t be surprised if it’s not even on TV,” the source continued. “That’s Kim’s style, not hers.”

Luckily for Kourtney if she does want to keep it lowkey, Sacks has experience with that two.

The famous wedding planner threw a lavish secret wedding for J-Lo and Marc Anthony and planned Vanessa Minillo and Nick Lachey’s wedding on Necker Island.

The source also revealed that Kourtney’s boyfriend isn’t the selfish man that he appears to be on the family’s reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“They are very in love and know they’re going to be together for a very long time,” the source said. “They consider themselves family, and now [Kourtney’s mom] Kris loves Scott like he is a son.”

After being ridiculed by the public for having children without being married, the couple was forced to be very defensive about their relationship but they have proved that their love for each other is strong.

Of course, the mother of two still likes to have a good time, but when she took her good time out unto the balcony she ended up exposing her derriere to Miami… but don’t worry it’s not what you think.

The 33-year-old Kardashian sister has been anything but a wild child lately and flashing her bum to the paparazzi was a completely accident.

While in Miami with her sisters Kim and Khloe, she joined her youngest sister for a funny rendition of some 50s style dance moves.

Unfortunately, Mason and Penelope’s mommy was dressed in a very short yellow flare out skirt and when she sister Khloe gave her a quick twirl the skirt flew up and exposed more of Kourtney than Scott would have preferred.

The wardrobe mishap didn’t shake up this reality mom, however, as she simply pushed her skirt back down and continued playing around with her sister.

Just a few moments later she emerged in the same fabulous ensemble pushing a baby stroller in a pair of color blocked heels.

The entire Kardashian clan was in Miami for the taping of their reality show spin off Kim and Kourtney Take Miami.


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