First Stacey Dash Now Tamera Mowry Faces Backlash Over Political Views

Actresses Stacey Dash and Tamera Mowry have been forced over the last week to defend their thoughts on the heated presidential race. Former “Clueless” star Stacey Dash tweeted her outright endorsement to Republican candidate Mitt Romney and was immediately faced with nasty insults and death threats. Dash would later tell CNN host Piers Morgan she was merely exercising her right to free speech. Adding she was saddened and shocked by the reaction.

Last night, former “Sister 2 Sister” star Tamera Mowry-Housely posted a far less direct tweet about her endorsement when she stated “I hate ppl interrupting people”. The tweet referenced the Vice Presidential debate that pitted VP Joe Biden against Paul Ryan. It was wildly noted that Biden continued to interrupt Ryan. Apparently voicing your opinion on etiquette nowadays amount to an endorsement.

Tamera defended herself: “I never favored 1 sided ovr the othr but as a whole I believe we need 2 be respectufl. #repubanddems! No need 2 attack, assume, or be racist.”

It appeared the “Tia & Tamera” star was also facing some backlash over her marriage to Adam Housley, a white male who works for Fox News.

Adam had no issue defending himself or his wife.

“This is 2012. You don’t know me..and you don’t know my wife@tameramowrytow How dare people make such horrible comments. That’s true racism.”

Follow the tweets below:

Adam chimes in:

Tamera would later added, “My husband @adamhousley is a G! Lol”

What do you think of the criticism towards Tamera?

Meanwhile the couple are preparing for their first child due in the coming weeks. The mom-to-be expressed her love for Adam and her pet peeve of strangers touching her baby bump to Zap2it.

On her husband,

“I find it sexy, that he’s a correspondent. He’s very intelligent, very eloquent. He knows how to speak; he knows how to communicate; he knows how to tell stories. I love listening to his stories. I love hearing about his adventures, when he travels. Now, sometimes, I get to to go along for the ride.”

On strangers touching her pregnant tummy, “I can’t take it anymore,” she says. “So, I can see the hand coming in slo-mo, and then I just quickly cover it… I just cover my belly with my hands, and I cover it before they can get to it, so what they do is touch my hands.”

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