Khloe Rocks Kardashian Kollection Dress, Kim Jealous of X Factor Gig

Khloe Kardashian hit the streets of Miami in a fitted Kardashian Kollection tube dress that had photographers eyeing her curves, but her new X Factor gig has her sister Kim seeing green.

Khloe just might have pulled off the most fashionable coffee run Miami has ever seen as she strutted down the sidewalk in the form fitting, cleavage exposing ensemble.

Doing her best to stay comfortable, the reality star paired the dress with some trendy sandals and a Louis Vuitton clutch.

Although the sandals looked great with the outfit, they weren’t exactly intentional.

The youngest Kardashian sister admitted that she wasn’t allowed to wear heels because of her other two sisters’ height.

“I don’t like it when I can’t wear high heels in shoots because my sisters are short LOL,” Khloe tweeted. “I’m tall, I love high heels and I embrace it!”

Of course, the 28-year-old didn’t make a run for coffee alone. She brought along makeup artist Scotty Cunha to enjoy an afternoon shot of caffeine as well.

Without a doubt, the two probably needed the energy boost as they had both previously been working on a long photo shoot along with Kim and Kourtney for the UK women’s store Dorothy Perkins.

The glamorous look was a bit of a surprise for the media; however, because mere hours before the rumored X Factor judge emerged looking as beautiful as ever she was photographed makeup free in some leggings and a loose tank top.

Once you take a good look at the Kardashian sister you’ll surprisingly find she is just as pretty without makeup as she is with a face full of it. Other than a blemish on her forehead, she looked great for a make up free celeb.

Rumors are suggesting that the curvaceous Kardashian will also be X Factor’s new host, but some sources have revealed that Kim thinks the new opportunity for her sister is a threat to her own fame.

“Kim is worried that Khloe is going to become more famous than her because of her X Factor gig,” one source told Hollywood Life.

It’s no doubt that Kimmy K. is the most famous of all the Kardashians… for now.

“She has been snappy lately,” the source continued. “…and saying things to Khloe like ‘I should be a co-host with you’ or the other extreme, ‘The X Factor job is going to be totally stressful, are you are sure you are up for this type of thing?’”

As for the baby Kardashian, she just wants her older sister to be proud of her latest solo gig, but as much as she would love both of her sister’s support at least she has Kourtney’s.

“Kourtney on the other hand is beyond thrilled for Khloe,” the insider added.

It isn’t a surprise that Kourtney is so supportive considering the fact that she is indeed the oldest sister and also doesn’t seem to be quite as concerned with getting her hands on a solo gig as her other siblings.

Despite reports of Kim’s jealously, Kanye’s boo didn’t seem phased by Khloe’s new possible job when she was asked about it during an interview with Extra.

“Wouldn’t that be amazing,” the 31-year-old commented about her sister’s possible hosting position. “I think everyone is on pins and needles and she doesn’t know if she’s getting it yet. I hope she does.”

The part time actress and television personality definitely seemed supportive during her chat with the US tabloid, but if there is anything to be learned from the constant denial of the Nicki Minaj-Mariah Carey feud, it’s that you can’t always believe what every celeb says.

Bashing her sister for finally getting a big opportunity would be a terrible look for Kim, and with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians hype slowly dwindling down the last thing the reality stars need is for the public to think they don’t even work as a family anymore.

Either way, fingers crossed that the 28-year-old gets the gig and shows her sister that she isn’t the only Kardashian who can handle taking on solo work.


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