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Stacey Dash Shocked, Saddened by Reaction to Romney Endorsement

Quoting the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Stacey Dash defended her support of the GOP presidential candidate as being a decision made “not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character.”

Dash, who voted for President Obama in the ’08 election without public fanfare, further supported her stance and her decision to speak out about it as her First Amendment Right in an interview on Tuesday with CNN’s Piers Morgan on the “Piers Morgan Tonight” show. The interview follows a slew of attacks the “Clueless” actress received via Twitter after she tweeted her support of Mitt Romney. The attacks ranged from mild disbelief of her choice to outright rage and personal insults.

“The fury, I really don’t’ understand the fury. I don’t understand it. I don’t get it… But you know what, you can’t expect everyone to agree with you,” Dash, 46 told Morgan. “I was shocked, saddened. Not angry.”

But there are those who agree with Dash. After a NBC poll conducted in August found that there was zero percent support for Romney among black people, the media organization started the #BlackconservativesForRomney Twitter account. And the response was considerable.

“I’m a young, black, female conservative…oh, and I exist,” tweeted Renee Rankine. Trish Williams tweeted: “Hey @NBC, I know, I probably ignored your call but I’m black and voting for Romney. Mark it down, yo.”

The difference, however, is that Dash is a recognizable face, particularly in Urban crowds. In the 90s, she played alongside Damon Wayans in “Mo’Money” and more recently she played a SBS living in the A on the first season of “Single Ladies. And apparently Dash can attract primetime air time. With the presidential election nearing an end and President Obama slipping at the polls, supporters are aware that every vote, every soundbite counts. The fear is that Dash’s Romney endorsement could sway star-struck voters.

Dash told Morgan she is voting for Romney “because of the state of the country, and I want the next four years to be different.

“I believe him. I watched him, the Governor and his wife, on “Meet the Press.” They spoke to me, they seemed authentic and genuine.”


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