‘I’ve Been Excluded from Oprah’: Ice Cube Says He’s an ‘Independent Thinker,’ Explains Why He Held Interview with Tucker Carlson, But Fans Are Not Buying His Excuse

As part two of Ice Cube’s interview with Tucker Carlson makes its rounds across the internet, the opinionated MC continues to catch flak for choosing to sit with the controversial former Fox News host, even after explaining why he made that decision.

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Ice Cube looks on during Week 1 of his BIG3 basketball league play at Credit Union 1 Arena on June 19, 2022, in Chicago. (Photo: Quinn Harris/Getty Images for BIG3)

“So why would you be doing this of all interviews?” Carlson asked Cube to start the chat, taking the words right out of many people’s mouths and Twitter feeds. “Obviously, you’re gonna take abuse for doing that. Why would you do that?”

“I’ve been shut out,” Cube flatly replied. “Some platforms will not have me on. They don’t like that I’m an independent thinker, not part of the herd. … I’m an outsider. I’m not part of the club. I have to go places where I’m welcome and can voice my opinion.”

He went on to claim that shows like “The View” wouldn’t have him on because some of the hosts allegedly disagreed with him, and he alleged that Oprah “excluded” him from her show, even when the show was promoting his projects.

“I had a movie called ‘Barbershop’ where I wasn’t invited to participate with the cast, I produced a show called ‘Black/White’ … and once again they had the whole cast on and I wasn’t invited,” Cube said.

Still, many aren’t too sympathetic for him. They feel the decisions he’s making and the positions he’s taking are part of a larger change in who Ice Cube is – and evidence of him being taken advantage of. 

“He’s letting himself be used,” one Twitter user said. “Take the politics out of it. What Ice Cube is doing lately is NOT what he rapped about, not even close.”

“I don’t give a damn what I’m trying to promote. I’m not sitting with a racist under any circumstances,” asserted another. “That’s just me, I have morals. Apparently, morals changed over money for Cube.”

“Ice Cube doing interviews with racist a– Tucker Carlson AND driving him through the hood?? For what??? For who??? How embarrassing.”

Of course, there are also those who remain supportive and not agree with what Cube had to say but also believe Cube is simply speaking his mind the same way he always has.

“Ice Cube said 1. He don’t trust politicians 2. He had hope in Obama 3. When he came to think about it nothing changed with ANY of these politicians when it came to HIS community…but all y’all brain dead a- -es can think is ‘but but but he wit Tucker Carlson’,” said one supporter in reference to comments Cube made in the first installment.

Another added, Hhe thinks for himself and he’s not going to sellout to Hollywood bc his health is more important. Also said not to trust any politician. What’s the problem?”

What do you think? Is Ice Cube changing for the worse or is this all par for the course? Sound off in the comments!

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