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Jennifer Lopez Rocking Giant, New ‘Engagement’ Ring

Lately, Jennifer Lopez has been rocking a giant, new diamond ring on her left ring finger. Does this mean that she and boy toy Casper are serious? Did he spring for this ice on his background dancer salary or did J-Lo satisfy herself?

The Examiner is reporting that the 43-year-old Lopez started hearing the engagement rumors flow back in March and June, but that was also when she had a ring on that particular finger. Many are wondering if this time means they are headed down the aisle.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have been dating for just about a year now, but engagement rumors have been flying already. They started to go rampant this week though when Lopez was photographed in Paris with a giant diamond on her engagement ring finger. People revealed the picture late on Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012.

A source close to Lopez tells People that Lopez is “not even close” to getting married. The source continues on to say that what’s on Lopez’s finger is nothing more “than a pretty ring.”…


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