Chris Brown Reunites With Karrueche Tran at Christina Milian's Party

Chris Brown and ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran haven’t even been broken up for a week yet, and the couple has already been spotted together again.

During the entire break up and Rihanna love triangle controversy, Tran’s Twitter was filled with angry heart broken tweets, but last night she tweeted a much happier photo of herself on her way to Christina Milian’s Gumbo dinner party.

So what’s the catch?

The R&B bad boy was also in attendance at the dinner party, and sources reveal that Tran was well aware that Brown would be there.

The good news is, Tran isn’t actually stepping back into this “love” mess… well not yet anyway.

It seems as if the two ex’s just happened to be in the same place at the same time, but there are no reports accusing the two of being intimately close or even being photographed together.

As a matter of fact, the only public indication that the former lovers were both at the same event at the same time was a tweet from Milian’s boo Jas Prince.

Prince tagged the names of some of the celebs in attendance at the dinner party along with the hashtag #gumboofdayear. Needless to say both @chrisbrown and @karrueche were tagged in the tweet.

The good news is, the aspiring model doesn’t seem like she is going to fall for Brown’s tricks and she is reportedly furious about his drunken video confession about his love for both her and his ex Rihanna.

“[Karrueche’s] livid over the fact that Brown blasted their personal problems all over the internet with his ridiculous video in which he confesses to loving Rihanna and Karrueche at the same time,” according to one source.

After the well anticipated break up, the “Don’t Wake Me Up” crooner created the video not only admitting he was drunk but admitting he believed he loved both women at the same time.

“Is there such a thing as loving two people,” the Virginia singer and part-time rapper asked in the video. “I don’t know if it’s possible but for me I just feel like that… I’m not trying to be a player. My momma raised me differently.”

Well he definitely didn’t do a good job as selling himself as “not trying to be a player” and the video only made his relationship with Tran worse.

“KT feels Brown should have kept his feelings private and she’s disappointed and hurt by his decision to broadcast their personal life,” the source added.

Poor Chris. He doesn’t seem to understand that people aren’t questioning his feelings, they are questioning his actions.

Even if his drunken confession was an honest one, loving two people definitely didn’t give him the right to publicly humiliate the woman he was already committed to by sneaking around with his ex.


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