Two New TV Spots for 'Flight'

It’s been twelve years since Robert Zemeckis directed a movie not populated by soul-less animated mo-cap dolls, which is almost too outstanding to believe. But the beloved director returns to the land of the living on November 2nd with Flight. The movie stars Denzel Washington as an airplane pilot who pulls off a Captain Sully-esque feat in safely landing his catastrophically damaged plane. At first celebrated as a hero, things take a darker turn when an investigation turns up the fact that he had alcohol in his system during the flight.

Two new television spots have been released for the movie, but they aren’t terribly different. In fact, I’m fairly certain they both feature the exact same footage, just rearranged. The “Hero” spot kicks off with the plane crash before throwing in the twists in the plot, while the “Further Away” one holds off on delving deep into the plot for a while. Take a gander at them both below.

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