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Jay-Z Says Size Doesn’t Matter

Jay-Z says size doesn’t matter when it comes to the criticism that he has gotten for owning only a fraction of  the Brooklyn Nets. The rap icon addressed haters from the stage of the newly opened Barclay Center in Brooklyn New York where he has been performing for the last four  nights.

“It doesn’t matter what percentage,” Jay-Z told the audience. “The story is that a black kid from a single parent house made it from [the Marcy Projects] from about six minutes away from here. So the fact that I have any ownership in this franchise is fucking amazing. The fact that I have any ownership in this venue is fucking amazing. Don’t let them diminish your accomplishment or dim your shine. It’s fucking amazing.”

F*cking right. There are less than a handful of African American entertainers with Jay Z’s business aplomb and acumen. Tight on the mic and in the boardroom, Jay-Z can get Donald Trump on the line just as fast as he can Charles Barkley. Jigga has been to the White House to chill with President Barack Obama and the First Lady and is just as recognizable around the world. He has clearly found the “genius level talent,” that he challenges his fans to find during his performances.

Besides, size doesn’t matter as Jay-Z has his hands in so many other pots. Gamers are geeked over the new NBA 2K13 which the mega rapper executive produced. And not just in title. The game’s publishing label credits Jay Z with influencing key aspects of the design and using his clout to secure elements that might have otherwise been out of the games’ reach. 2K Sports Vice President Jason Argent says Jay-Z “literally picked up the phone” during a meeting to call Barkley and Pippen, convincing them to sign on.

Despite all his maneuvering behind the scenes including selecting the game soundtrack, Jay-Z plays a small role inside the game itself. He appears courtside during the team’s home games, watching his influence play out.




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2 thoughts on “Jay-Z Says Size Doesn’t Matter

  1. How many African Americans own any part of a NBA franchise? How many White, Asian, Hispanic, Black own a part of an NBA franchise is the question. Keep getting it Jay! Shake those haters off!

  2. Manifest Destiny says:

    I agree, not a big Jay-Z fan, but I applaud his accomplishments as a person of color in this country. His percentage doesn't matter, the fact that he even has a percentage DOES. I predict, in the next 5-10 years he will be a majority owner of the Brooklyn Nets, that is if they're winning and worth owning! Reason I say that is because you almost HAVE to be multi-billionaire status to endure a franchise that consistently loses, year after year, because unbeknownst to a lot of people, when teams consistently lose, the owner (s) consistently lose money, look at former BET owner Bob's Brown situation with the Bobcats, case and point!

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