Christina Aguilera Regains Control Of Her Body For New Album

Christina Aguilera has released a music video for “Your Body,” the first single off her upcoming Lotus album and wasn’t afraid to show off her own body regardless of a few extra pounds.

The “Dirrty” girl did her pink and lavender hair justice by creating an entire video centered around pastel colors and vintage props.

Originals by D*Face, Shephard Fairey, and Banksy filled the trailer park home and added some artistic “flare” to the video.

One of the original pieces of art work portrayed Queen Victoria sitting on another woman’s face.

Christina paid a lot of attention to the visuals of the video and the rest of her album by hiring the hipster street style photographer Mark Hunter, or The Cobrasnake, to put together the unique images and quirky visual touches.

While the video may come across as “trashy” to the Huffington Post, the pop mistress finds the video and her album to be “ahead of its time.”

Aguilera actually didn’t seem to be surprised that not everyone was being receptive to her personal form of art, admitting that the album is definitely a new direction for her.

“I took an entirely different approach as typically I go for one look, one sound and a very distinct genre,” the Voice coach explained. “For the album I really wanted to put music on the record that felt good, that moved me and just let myself be less limiting.”

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