Beyonce, Chris Brown Amongst Top 5 Overrated Musicians

Beyonce and Chris Brown are receiving more credit than they’re due according to a list recently posted on that places Bey and Chris in the top 5 overrated musicians.

The author of the post admitted that he is aware that controversy and debate is sure to follow the publishing of the list which adds other hard hitting names such as 50 cent and Drake as the most overrated artists in the game.

The post starts out by giving the queen of R&B credit for her amazing work and incredible vocals just before it starts slamming her for being less than original.

“What I cannot abide is the amount of overall credit she gets for being some kind of innovator of the genre,” the post explains. “Any innovation her albums present is the product of her other producers and writers of her music; for the most part she doesn’t actually write her own stuff.”

Of course, this statement had fans of Blue Ivy’s mother up in arms and they were sure to make their presence known in the lengthy comment boxes below the article.

“Clearly you have never seen Beyonce live she is beast and always gives 200% even when she was bloody preggo,” one fan posted in Jay-Z’s wife’s defense. “…Beyonce is very much heavily involved in her projects even if she doesn’t write it all. So no, I think she is very worthy of all her success.”

The article even called out Beyonce and accused the Queen of R&B of being lazy.

“As time has gone on, ‘Queen B’ as her fans call her has become lazier and lazier and seems willing to rest on her laurels,” the article reads. “Crap on other R&B stars all you want, but many of them are more complete artists than Beyonce, who is increasingly becoming a good performer and little else.”

Readers of the post did indeed “crap on other R&B stars,” especially Rihanna who they thought should be on the list in Bey’s place.

“So Beyonce is in there but no Rihanna??? Are we living on the same planet,” another comment questioned after seeing the billboard chart topping, award winning “Dance for You” crooner placed as number three on the list.

What seems a bit more insulting is that the author didn’t feel any type of remorse about putting the philanthropist and role model to the president’s children on the same list as the woman beating bad boy of R&B.

Chris came in just behind the “1+” crooner and was accused of being mediocre on his past few albums.

The article did point out that Brown’s rankings had nothing to do with his “non-musical exploits” but it does seem a bit odd that the artist of the list found Rihanna’s ex to be a little less overrated than the Dreamgirl.

“It is dull, uninspired R&B and when I hear it I have problem recognizing it from a dozen of other albums in the genre,” the 411manian post said of the tatted crooner’s albums. “He dove-bomb with Graffiti in 2009 and F.A.M.E was mediocre in the extreme; neither of them hold a candle however to how bad Fortune is.”

Between getting slammed for his antics lately and now having his music heavily criticized by the author – with several comments posted in agreement – it seems as if the end of Brown’s career is imminent unless he decides to get his act together.

Either way, adding Beyonce to a list that includes Drake, 50 Cent, and Radiohead just seems wrong.

When it comes to work ethic Beyonce has always showed all the R&B rookies how it’s done and even tackled some of the toughest choreography while being pregnant with baby Blue Ivy.

The R&B queen, talented dancer, impeccable performer, caring mother, selfless philanthropist, and proud role model is a lot of things… but overrated is certainly not one of them.


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