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Usher Tells Tameka She Must Get Out of the House

The continuing nasty battle between Usher Raymond and his ex-wife Tameka Foster are not going away, as TMZ reports that Usher has told her she needs to leave their 12,000 square foot Georgia home because he’s selling it.

The “Climax” star was well within his rights to make the move, since their 2009 divorce agreement gives him the right to sell the house as long as he gives her 60 days notice.

But just because he CAN do it doesn’t mean he should. Can we just say that the mourning period of these two after the death of Tameka’s son Kile is beyond strange and extremely sad?

First they decided to go forward with the custody trial, just weeks after Kile’s funeral, shocking many onlookers who expected that the tragedy might change their tone. No such luck.

In the court documents, Tameka accused Usher of faking grief over the boy’s death. While Usher was not directly related, he claims to have formed a strong bond with his stepson, and was apparently heavily impacted by his death. However, Foster described Usher’s emotions as “simply a transparent sham” and his feelings for Kile as “bogus,” according to TMZ. She claims that Usher refused to tweet a message asking for his followers to “please pray for Kile,” and instead chose to tweet a photo of his breakfast.

Ultimately, the court awarded Usher full custody of their sons Naviyd and Usher V, a decision that Tameka appealed because she said the judge was biased. Foster asked for a new trial, but did not get one.

Now Usher has sent her a letter, telling her she must get out. According to sources, Tameka was upset by the letter, since she has no income of her own and has been financially dependent on Usher since the divorce, TMZ reports.

But Usher apparently has little sympathy.

The home was purchased in 2007 for $3 million.


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3 thoughts on “Usher Tells Tameka She Must Get Out of the House

  1. Kadian Nelson says:

    During their marriage, I hope she was saving some of that money. And why didn't she try to get some sort of career.

  2. What did she have when she got married. Looks like for once someone ddn't come in with nothing and left a millionaire. Apprarently there is a reason the judge gave custoday to the man.

  3. Jamila Fray says:

    Sounds ruff, but she lost custody of the kids & they are divorced..the best thing for her to do now is stand on her own feet & make her kids proud of of luck!!

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