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Tameka Foster Says Usher’s Grief Over Death of Her Son Is ‘Bogus’

Apparently not even the loss of life can calm the waters of a raging custody battle, as Tameka Foster has come forward accusing her ex-husband Usher Raymond of feigning grief in the passing of her son Kile Glover. Foster believes that Usher is faking his sorrows as part of a ploy to gain ground in their custody battle. In recently filed court documents, Foster claims that Usher visited Kile just once in the hospital before he was taken off life support last month. Glover, 11, was admitted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston on July 6th after being struck by a water craft. He remained there unconscious until he was taken off life support on July 21s

Usher had previously asked for a delay of the pair’s next custody hearing, to allow more time for mourning, a request Foster wants denied. The custody hearing was originally scheduled for August 13. The two are currently battling over custody of four-year-old Usher Raymond V, and three-year-old Naviyd Raymond. Foster suggests that Usher’s movement for a delay is simple a court tactic, to gain sympathy and perhaps stop a ruling in favor of the grieving mother.

Glover was the son of Ryan Glover, an Atlanta-based clothier who was previously involved with Foster. While Usher was not directly related, he claims to have formed a strong bond with his stepson, and was apparently heavily impacted by his death. However, Foster has described Usher’s emotions as “simply a transparent sham” and his feelings for Kile as “bogus,” according to TMZ. She claims that Usher refused to tweet a message asking for his followers to “please pray for Kile,” and instead chose to tweet a photo of his breakfast.

Foster has requested that the judge move forward with the scheduled hearing, and believes that it will help her move on from the recent tragedy. Funeral services for Glover where held just a week ago, on July 27.

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