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Usher Raymond Wins Primary Custody of Two Boys Against Tameka Foster

Usher Raymond was granted full custody of his two boys Naviyd and Usher V with his ex-wife Tameka Foster still maintaining some custodial rights.

According to TMZ, “It’s a shocking development — considering both sides were trying to strip each other of custody. Tameka felt the singer was an absentee father who was too absorbed in his career to be a good dad. She also accused him of using drugs in front of the kids.”

The full details on the new agreement are not yet known but Tameka has retained some custodial rights. It must be heartbreaking for the mother who just lost her 11-year old son Kile Glover in a jet ski accident last month.

Usher had previously requested the hearing be delayed because he believed the court with sympathize with his ex-wife losing her child but Tameka refused to delay the ordeal any longer. Even releasing a lengthy statement in her own defense.

“Sadly, I remain in the unfortunate position of having to respond to and attend court proceedings that were not initiated or begun by me. I did not file this custody case (January 2011) and was content with the ‘joint custody’ arrangement that we share. Most importantly, nor do I wish to appear in court while I am mourning the loss of my son. But I do not want to delay thus prolong these proceedings either; I’d rather continue this arduous process hoping it will help move me through this most difficult period in my life.”

As it turned out the judge sided with him. Read the full story here.


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