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Chris Brown Completes Service Hours, Rihanna Wears Acne Satin Pajamas

Rihanna and Chris Brown are moving another step forward to a possible reunion as the latter completes his probation requirements…and their fans are allegedly cheering them on.

The latest update in the saga reportedly confirms Brown completed his community service from the 2009 beating incident.

Brown’s service records came under scrutiny by a prosecutor and a judge, who are trying to determine its accuracy. The Yeah 3x singer was scheduled to complete 1440 hours and according to a letter by Richmond, Va. Police Chief  Bryan T. Norwood dated September 14, Brown completed 1,402. Give or take a few hours the chief reported to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg that Brown has satisfied his community service hours requirements. The only thing left is for the singer to remain out of trouble at least until his probation officially ends in August 2014.

Rihanna appeared to be there in spirit all the way for her ex-boyfriend. Before heading to court earlier this week to answer to the discrepancies in hours, RihRih tweeted,

“Praying for you baby, my best wishes are with you today! Remember that whatever God does in our lives, it is WELL DONE!!! #1Love.”

Love is what many fans are hoping will bring these two entertainers back together. More fanatic fans have created Twitter, Tumblr and fan sites to publicly declare their desire for a reunion.

Publicist Liam Collopy, president of Levine Communications added that while many may think a reunion would backfire against Rihanna’s success there are two things working in her favor.

Collopy believes that the singer has two Ts working in her favor: Time and talent.

“A certain amount of time has passed since the actual incident that many have either forgiven Brown or moved on from the incident altogether. Rihanna has further demonstrated a genuine resiliency and incredible talent to not only prevail but profit from her turbulent relationship with many of her songs addressing the rocky affair. This is not a Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown scenario wherein one exercises such influence over another perhaps to one’s detriment. Rihanna has proven that not only is she her own person, she has staying power.”

With the possibility of their reunion increasing day by day, the Bajan beauty continues to work and party along the way. Most recently the 24-year old singer was seen in satin currency print pajamas designed by one of her favorite labels, Acne at the opening of Barclays arena (new home of the Brooklyn Nets) in Brooklyn, NY Thursday night. The bash was held in the 40/40 club located inside the arena. The “Umbrella” singer was present to support her mentor and boss Jay-Z who owns a minority stake in the Brooklyn Nets. The pajamas left the entertainer covered up except for a little belly skin thanks to only one fastened button at her chest. No wardrobe malfunctions here.

Brown has also kept up his partying ways including sparking affair rumors with friend and entertainer Nicole Scherzinger. Photos surfaced of what appeared to be the duo sharing a kiss. Their respective reps quickly quieted the rumors.



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