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Penny Marshall Making Documentary on Dennis Rodman

Someone would rather Dennis Rodman not go away. Indeed, renown film director Penny Marshall– who has made “Big,” “Get Shorty” and “A League Of Their Own,” among others — plans to make a documentary about the former weird and always-troubled Rodman.

A serious NBA fan who has been a long-time Los Angeles Clippers season-ticket holder, Marshall’s next project might be her most challenging yet. She apparently is already a few conversations in to putting together a documentary about Basketball Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman. It’s a tough gig, turning a subject like Rodman into a feature with any substance, but Marshall has shown she’s a master storyteller.

The news of the doc comes from Marshall’s new book, “My Mother Was Nuts”:  “Lately, she has been working on a documentary about the basketball player Dennis Rodman, some of which she has been shooting via Skype. That came up because a) Ms. Marshall is a big sports fan. (“You can yell and scream at a game and no one’s taking you away in a white coat.”) And b) “I have a little radar to the insane,” she said. “They seek me out. Dennis and his agent asked if I would do a documentary.”

And apparently Marshall said “yes.”

It could be a boon for Rodman, a 2011 Hall of Fame inductee that has had one troubling thing after another happen to him since he left the NBA. Of course, almost all of it was his own making.

Which, actually could make for interesting viewing. He had a controversial career, with the attitude, the ejections, the suspensions, the colored hair, the body piercings, the rebounds the championship rings. Off the court, he wore a dress, wrestled, lost much of his career earnings, was married and divorced and sued for child support.

How he makes a living now is anyone’s guess. Surely, Marshall will let us know in the documentary.

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