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Christina Aguilera Admits New Album 'Inspired' by The Voice Singers

Christina Aguilera revealed that her latest album “Lotus” was actually “inspired” by The Voice contestants.

In an interview with MTV News, the pop diva admitted that seeing the contestants battle it out on The Voice, helped her regain the fire she had when she was still a rookie herself in the music industry.

“At this part of my life, I feel that I’ve reached a place where I’m completely embracing everything about who I am,” the curvaceous Voice coach told MTV.

Christina took to Twitter to announce that her new album is scheduled to release in November just days after she announced she will be taking a hiatus from the singing reality show for season 4.

The “RealXtina,” as she is called on Twitter, explained that the show allowed her to “see through the eyes of aspiring artists at the beginning of their journey, to be a part of the journey, to see the hunger in their eyes and to sort of regain some of that back for myself.”

Particularly the contestants who made it unto Christina’s team have a special place in the award winning pop crooner’s heart.

“This year in particular, season three, I have a very pop-oriented team,” the former Mickey Mouse Club performer said. “And they come to me and they’re like, ‘You know, I remember being in my room trying to dissect and learn all of the little ad libs and your technique and the runs and things like that, hitting your notes.’ It inspired me also to want to give more of myself vocally on this record to let the next generation of great singers evolve and be inspired once again to dissect and learn certain lyrics and things.”

Ironically, the inspiration that the “Beautiful” crooner received on the show, is only giving her proof that leaving the show for a season is the right thing to do.

The powerhouse Voice coach is taking time off to focus on her album and to go on tour to perform the very same songs that inspire young music hopefuls to follow in her footsteps.

Christina hasn’t come out with a new album in two years, and although she enjoys being a mentor on The Voice she also admits that she has to get back to doing what she loves stating that she is “an artist first.”

The new album, titled ‘Lotus,’ is the singer’s way to represent her “rebirth.”

“The term lotus means to me the unbreakable flower,” she explained. “No matter the harshest of weather conditions, or its surroundings, it still survives and it thrives throughout time.”

The new album will give her fans a lot of new inspiration while still finding a way to remind them of the music they grew up listening to.

She described one track as being “The Fighter 2.0.”

“I want to make a record that speaks to those fans who grew up listening to my music and yet reintroduced new fans… watching me on The Voice at 6 years old who don’t know about my first record,” the Fighter singer explained.

Christina has been doing a lot to be a part of the community in more ways than just the inspirational exchange between her and her team on The Voice.

The Voice coach received a special achievement award for her amazing music career as well as her extensive humanitarian work at The American Latina Media Arts Awards on Friday.

Remaining ever so sexy, but still classy, Christina took to the ALMA red carpet in a full length black dress with see through lace panels on her back, sides and on her arms.

The Michael Kors dress hugged her new curvaceous figure in a flattering way and prevented her bright purple and pink strands in her bleach blonde hair from clashing with any other colors.

Her new “Lotus” album is set to drop on November 13.


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