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Rihanna Strip Club Pictures A Hit on Twitter

Apparently Rihanna enjoys an occasional foray into the strip club. After kicking up a stir back in May by tweeting strip club pictures, Rihanna is at it again, last night posting pictures on Twitter of herself in the company of exotic dancers at an unnamed club.

There was a photo of her and friends throwing money in the air, and another one with a dancer in between Rihanna’s legs with money draping her body as she coves her naked breasts with her hands. The caption says, “Bands ah make her dance”—clearly a reference to rapper Juicy J’s popular stripper anthem, “Bands Will Make Her Dance.”

Later, Rihanna posted pictures of her and her friends at what appears to be a shooting range. That picture has the caption: “Bad gals do it well! We got our guns in the muthaf**kin air.” She apparently is an accurate shot because in the next pictures she’s holding up the target, with most of the bullet holes in the bullseye—and a caption that says, “I’m just sayin’.”

Clearly, Rihanna, at 24, is still interested in the shock value. She doesn’t seem to let an opportunity pass to upset as many people as she can. Sometimes it almost feels like she’s a little girl trying to be as bad as possible to upset her parents, like the child purposely dumping her vegetables in the garbage after she’s been told she has to eat them.

But the girl does know how to stay in the public eye, with her name on the tips of tongues of every gossip and entertainment website in the globe. It’s a unique talent she has for controversy and attention. While some of her counterparts like Lady Gaga may resort to elaborate and shocking costumes to get attention, all Rihanna has to do is tap out a few provocative Twitter messages and post a couple of pictures. Seemingly every single day. Job done.

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33 thoughts on “Rihanna Strip Club Pictures A Hit on Twitter

  1. Greg Apple says:

    She's out of control.

  2. Too Kourt says:

    She's living her life who doesn't like target practice drugs and strip clubs let's be realwtf do the rest of y'all do in ur spare time


  4. think she getting revenge for dem slavery days….go rihannnnnnnnnna!

  5. Paul Ruffin says:

    I think it's worth mentioning because she is suppose to be a role model to young women. If this was just some random no name, it wouldn't be a big deal.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Getting revenge fo' dem slavery days? It is no wonder black people's behavior is so problematic. There is no person in the United States who has ever suffered under slavery. It's about time fo' you ta git REAL!

  7. Tonya Price says:

    Very confused no role model!

  8. people need to stop letting celebrities be their children's role models….these celebrities are normal people just like the rest of us but with more money and you don't always know what kind of upbringing they had…celeb status would never qualify them to be a role model for my child.

  9. Raven Lee Meadows says:

    oh well…she's living it up. shes in her 20's…. that's what the 20's are for. all we usually do is hurt ourselves during this decade of our life…..

  10. Geri Lynn says:

    Too Kourt: the rest of us go to movies, meet friends for dinner, visit the Boardwalk, practice the guitar, read a good book, go shopping, spend time at a homeless shelter fixing lunch, make phone calls urging people to get out and vote, etc, etc, etc… The "rest of us" don't do "target practice drugs" nor go to "strip clubs". If that's what YOU do in your spare time I strongly suggest you get a hobby of some kind, or do some volunteer work. In other words, get a life.

  11. Cal Tecke says:

    most of the time it seems she would eat the vegetables that children dump in the garbage.

  12. Paul Ruffin Why is she suppose to be a role model to young women? When did that become part of her job?

  13. That's one Slut I'd like to see naked….

  14. Ya know the funny part is that you never hear anything like the things Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes does about Rihanna…. She gotta post the shit to make her look bad…. I'm thinking she a bad girl want to be myself….

  15. Ben Alonso says:

    When did she apply for the 'role model' job anyway? I thought she just wanted to be rich by yelling over kitty house music poorly constructed by big name Djs who prolly spent 5 minutes making the track…

  16. Cheryl Leacock says:

    Don't hate…Rhi certainly aint confused

  17. Sarah Rogers says:

    Go Rihanna! Get your freak on girl! lol She is having fun and there is nothing wrong with that.

  18. Sarah Rogers says:

    Why does she have to be a slut? She is just enjoying her life, there is nothing wrong with that.

  19. Sarah Rogers says:

    Paul Ruffin: A stranger should not be a child's role model. Rihanna already did an interview and she stated that she is nobody's role model. Whoever is in the life of the child on a daily basis i.e. the parents should be the role model.

  20. I actually cannot decipher what this picture is about…..Anyway, RiRi is an alcoholic little island slut who got very lucky when JZ saw her, fucked her, and made her into a "star"….

  21. Sindy Finn says:

    she maybe in her 20s and doing some screwed up stuff she will no doubt regret bitterly when she is older. Where she is going fatelly wrong here is posting her every stupid move. Its bad enough when the paparazzi chase them and they complain. But just plain stupid to post it and invite it.

  22. Cynthia Boone says:

    I don't think that she is confused or a tramp and so forth. I think that she is a human being with the right to live her life in the way she chooses. If the is regret to be had, none of us have to have it, but her (and quite possibly her offspring). Whatever the case may be, she has the right to do just what she is doing…living her own life. As for her going to the strip club, there is a market for it. Otherwise there would not be so freakin many of them. So not everyone else is reading, boardwalking, volunteering, etc. On another note….Who's to say that just because you go to a strip club or a shooting range, you are not the type to read, volunteer, learn guitar, etc? Perhaps the club is her hobby. Maybe she is working…building her fan base. Can hardly tell true intentions these days. As far as her being a role model…one word…HOME!

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. It's not that you choose them as your kids role models they just are even tho u maybe your childs biggest role model you would be nieve to think that none of them stars aren't… IJS…

  25. Wow, really?!?!?!?!

  26. Lace-Uma Merkaba Sun-Star says:

    these people aren't supposed to role models, theyre only job is to take your money and corrupt your mind to an unnatural way of living. think about it…..when's the last time you heard a really good love song, or a positive one in general that didn't include sex, violence, etc? the "world" we live in doesn't promote good health, good relationships, good children……think about it.

  27. Frank P. says:

    So she's rich AND she's a good shot? 🙂

  28. Can someone tell me what songs Rihanna is known for? Girlfriend sure is heavy into exhibitionist thing. I don't buy into reincarnation but in a previous life she must have been a stripper.

  29. Mildred LaVonnie G-Osorio says:

    Tramp, really, judgemental bitch, yes… YOU DEBORAH!

  30. Charlotte Washington Imvu says:

    @Mildred LaVonnie G-Osorio Your Holy "About Me" on facebook and using that type language dont mix sweetie.. smh Don't let folks take you out of character because it will consume you too.

  31. Rocky Nerdish says:

    Just live ya lifee.. Heeeeeeyeeyyeeeeeyy!! (Go Rhianna!)

  32. Cong Smash says:

    Love it wish I was there lol

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