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Rihanna Strip Club Pictures A Hit on Twitter

Apparently Rihanna enjoys an occasional foray into the strip club. After kicking up a stir back in May by tweeting strip club pictures, Rihanna is at it again, last night posting pictures on Twitter of herself in the company of exotic dancers at an unnamed club.

There was a photo of her and friends throwing money in the air, and another one with a dancer in between Rihanna’s legs with money draping her body as she coves her naked breasts with her hands. The caption says, “Bands ah make her dance”—clearly a reference to rapper Juicy J’s popular stripper anthem, “Bands Will Make Her Dance.”

Later, Rihanna posted pictures of her and her friends at what appears to be a shooting range. That picture has the caption: “Bad gals do it well! We got our guns in the muthaf**kin air.” She apparently is an accurate shot because in the next pictures she’s holding up the target, with most of the bullet holes in the bullseye—and a caption that says, “I’m just sayin’.”

Clearly, Rihanna, at 24, is still interested in the shock value. She doesn’t seem to let an opportunity pass to upset as many people as she can. Sometimes it almost feels like she’s a little girl trying to be as bad as possible to upset her parents, like the child purposely dumping her vegetables in the garbage after she’s been told she has to eat them.

But the girl does know how to stay in the public eye, with her name on the tips of tongues of every gossip and entertainment website in the globe. It’s a unique talent she has for controversy and attention. While some of her counterparts like Lady Gaga may resort to elaborate and shocking costumes to get attention, all Rihanna has to do is tap out a few provocative Twitter messages and post a couple of pictures. Seemingly every single day. Job done.

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