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Mariah Carey Tweets Pic of Her Adorable Twins

Are their any twins in the world as cute and doted upon as Moroccan and Monroe Cannon, the 17-month-old son and daughter of singer Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon?

Carey, 42, gave the public a glimpse into the extremely high cute factor that she and Nick, 31, must put up with on a daily basis in their household, tweeting a picture of the girl, Monroe, leaning in—sporting some fashionable shades—and planting a kiss on her brother, Moroccan.

Under the picture, Carey wrote: “You love me and don’t u forget it!”

The twins have had the best of everything from the day they were born.

According to reports, Mariah reportedly spent millions of dollars on their ritzy nursery, which includes Chelsea Sleigh cribs, Clara changing table, 24-carat gold and onyx sofa, diamond-encrusted iPods, and a flatscreen TV that comes down from the ceiling.
And who can forget their lavish 1st birthday party at the Plaza Athenee in Paris—as you probably know, it’s not a proper 1st birthday party if it’s not in Paris, at the Plaza—where they got gifts of a toy Ferrari, rocking horse, and miniature white piano?

If you’re wondering about their names—Moroccan got his name because Nick proposed to Mariah in a room that was decorated in a Moroccan style.

And the girl is named after the legendary American sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe.

Of course Mariah is all over the news these days with her new job, one of the judges on the 12th season of “American Idol.” Mariah has been working to quash the early rumors that she had set off a rivalry with the younger and more popular Nicki Minaj. The two stars have been spotted walking hand-in-hand together along a corridor between tapings of the show.

Yesterday, Carey sent out a tweet about the show: “On vocal rest today after 2 days of non-stop talking on #idol auditions, then back to the studio tomorrow.. Can’t wait!!!”

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