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Chris Brown’s Girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, to Rihanna: Leave Chris Alone!

Just as Chris Brown’s girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, wants to banish Rihanna from her man’s life, we get word that a tech company has developed an app—the Chris Brownout—that allows you to remove all text and images of Brown from your computer.

We acknowledge that even writing this story may be encouragement enough for some of you to consider the Chris Brownout, since it seems that most sites can’t go an entire day without giving you at least six more Chris Brown stories than you were probably looking for.

First, in the matter of Karrueche, the girlfriend is disturbed that Rihanna and her persona continues to hover around Brown like an obsession. First the rumors abounded in the early summer that Chris ditched Tran in the south of France to spend a steamy night with his ex—the woman that he infamously beat up in 2009. Then Rihanna went on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” to tell the world that she and Chris still love each other. And oh yeah, they did hook up in France, she confirmed. In addition, she also has a habit of sending out cryptic tweets that to all observers appear to be love messages to Chris.

And there was more. At the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month, Rihanna came over and gave Brown a kiss.

Even though Chris is telling everyone that Karrueche is his girlfriend, it’s all proven to be too much for Karrueche, according to sources. She has reportedly asked Brown to tell Rihanna to leave him alone—or Karrueche herself will tell her to ‘f**k off’. Perhaps Rihanna’s bark is a lot worse than her bite, but we’re guessing that such an encounter with Rihanna may not turn out too well for Karrueche.

Karrueche has also tried that old junior high school trick of making Chris jealous by posting a picture of herself kissing an unidentified man on the cheek. No word on how that worked out for her, making Chris mad and all. Rihanna tried that before, a few years back.

As for the Chris Brownout, this technical marvel comes to us by way of AUX Labs, which created the app. It’s a Google Chrome browser plugin that removes all text and images of Brown from your computer. You will still have access to news stories about him—but his name and images will have a black mark over them.


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