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Chris Brown Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Parties, Ignores Rihanna Rumors

Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran was repeatedly hounded by questions about Rihanna professing her love for her boyfriend while out partying in Los Angeles earlier this week. Karrueche was out with her girlfriends at a popular LA club but upon exit (surrounded by Brown’s bodyguards no less) the paparazzi only wanted to know one thing: what would she say to Brown’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna if she ever had the chance. No answer, just a smile. While she did a good job at ignoring the paps it appears Chris Brown’s girlfriend does have a point of view on his relentless and very public relationship with the Bajan beauty.

According to the latest rumors the Vietnamese model has allegedly told Brown to give Rihanna her walking papers or she’ll be forced to herself. The ‘Yeah 3x’ singer allegedly insisted he can’t control the motives of his ex and his commitment lies with Tran.

Tran’s Twitter feed appears to tell a different story as she constantly shares photos of her favorite pass time, food and her budding relationship with Brown’s other ex, Basketball Wives: LA star Draya Michele ( who jokingly signed her up for dating website Black People Meet).

Rihanna as well seems unconcerned with the constant rumors. The 24-year old singer was last seen partying at a strip club! A photo surfaced with a stripper bent between RiRi’s legs, covering her breast and dollar bills all over her body.

Watch the video of Brown’s girlfriend bombarded by the paps below:


Rihanna at strip club

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Rihanna, do not give Mr.Chris Brown the opportunity to hurt you again, I feel deeply sure he is using you to bill up his image. Also, if he really want you, he would give Karrueche her walking papers, and to make a mends with you from the heart and soul. He would ask you for your hand in marriage. He used Karrueche to lure you back to him, knowing how you feel about him. Rihanna, I love you like my own daughter do not let Mr. Chris Brown hurt, he is up to no good. Watch the he's treating his girlfriend with no respect, he's playing you both against each other. I feel your pain. Love Godmother

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