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Sad Spectacle: Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj Already Fighting on ‘Idol’

That didn’t take long.

On their first day at work, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were already going at each other, unable to hide their mutual disdain, sources told TMZ.

During the first day of taping in New York City yesterday, the two ladies were already proving what every observer was anxiously predicting—that the two divas would not be able to share a stage without going after each other’s throats.

According to TMZ’s source, when Nicki started critiquing a contestant, Mariah would interrupt—not once, but many times. Each time Mariah interrupted, Nicki fought back by loudly talking over Mariah.

The source said their feelings about each other were clear.

“These girls just don’t like each other,” the source said.

The animosity between the two of them is so predictable that it’s almost disappointing. How many times does this same scenario get repeated in workplaces across America—a new younger woman gets hired and the older woman feels threatened and starts sharpening her claws? Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if Carey could have seen herself as an older mentor to Minaj, taking the younger entertainer under her wing and helping to guide her through this incredibly stressful and exciting time in her career, as she becomes an international star with everybody trying to pull her in different directions? A decade ago, it was Carey who was in Minaj’s shoes as the young talented ingenue. Carey didn’t handle the pressure well at all, going into depressions and mood swings so severe that it halted her career in its tracks.

But now that she has emerged on the other side as the wise, still-talented diva, Carey would have much to teach the young star about how to survive the stress.

Apparently, none of that will happen. The two of them will slice each other up before a global audience and, while it may make for scintillating television, in the end it will be the two of them who are diminished by it. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the predictable drama we see now on every other reality show—from the “Real Housewives” franchises to “Basketball Wives” and “Love and Hip Hop”—when producers start backstage whispering campaigns to create internal strife and backstabbing to lift the ratings. The cast members go along with it, slapping and kicking each other on national television, looking like pathetic children biting and scratching with their bras and panties showing—while the producers take their higher ratings to the bank.

We all will be watching with bated breath to see Nicki and Mariah take each other down. It likely will do wonders for Idol’s depressed ratings. As for the careers and images of the two principles characters?

In the long run they will likely become another example to the women of America how not to act in public.

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