Rihanna Offers to Babysit for Snooki Via Twitter

Rihanna used Twitter to send the most lovely two words in the English language to new mom Snooki: baby sitter.

In tweets exchanged by the two ladies, Rihanna offered up her services to Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who gave birth three weeks ago to son Lorenzo.

Snooki kicked off the tweets by expressing her love for Rihanna’s song, “We Found Love.”

“Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ will never get old to me,” Snooki, 24, tweeted. “It’s my song for life.”

Rihanna, also 24, responded: “Let me know if you need a sitter.”

Rihanna has shown her love of kids in the past, sending out scads of Instagram pictures of the child of a friend of hers who Rihanna obviously adores. But thugh she may love kids, Star Magazine reports that one superceleb, Angelina Jolie, wasn’t all too pleased to hear her son Pax, 8, singing the words to Rihanna’s explicit song, “Birthday Cake,” in which she and Chris Brown croon about all the nasty things they will do to each other.

“Pax was singing the lyrics to ‘Birthday Cake’ and laughing hysterically at the curse words,” says a source. Apparently Jolie wants to keep her kids innocent, so she put parental blocks on the music ASAP. The “source” also says Jolie keeps an eye on the sites they browse and their Spotify playlists.

As for Snooki, she has been keeping fans abreast of mommyhood with Twitter. Since giving birth on August 25, Polizzi has been relaxing at home, watching shows like “The X Factor” and tending to her newborn. “Laying in bed with Lorenzo in my arms (is the) best feeling in the world,” she tweeted Sept. 15. She also said that “the breast pump bra is a miracle. Thank you for making it so much easier.”

Snooki has said she won’t be marrying baby daddy, Jionni LaValle, probably until 2013.

“We will focus on the baby first. I want to have the baby, lose weight and have the baby in the wedding,” Polizzi told Us Magazine. “I want it in my church, with a reception in Jersey somewhere. I want bombs going off at the reception—fireworks. And I want a princess-type gown with a huge train.”

Clearly Snooks has given this some thought.

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