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Usher's Ex-Wife Tameka Foster's Appeal Is Thrown Out

Tameka Foster decided to try for a round two in the custody battle over her children with Usher Raymond, but the courts have ruled against her once again.

Earlier this month, Usher was awarded primary custody over the couple’s two sons after what seemed like an endless custody battle in the courts, but Tameka wasn’t happy with that ruling.

The R&B star’s ex-wife claimed that the judge was biased, ruling in favor of Usher simply because his lawyer donated to her reelection campaign in 2008.

It seems as if Tameka took this judge as a fool, but she made it known quickly that the bitter ex-wife wasn’t going to get one over on her.

According to TMZ the judge called Tameka out on her late timing and failure to look into public documents on her own.

The lawyer’s donations have been public knowledge since 2008 and if Tameka Foster really thought it was a problem she should have spoken up about the issue early on in the case, not after she lost.

Unfortunately, Tameka has been known to be unusually headstrong, or stubborn, and still won’t let the custody battle come to an end.

A source very close to Usher’s ex-wife claimed that Tameka will be filing for an appeal again, although the source isn’t sure exactly what will be the grounds for this appeal.

With another stage to the custody battle still a possibility, one can only hope that the children will see an end to their parents’ relentless feuding soon.


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