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African-Americans More Brand-Loyal Than Their White Counterparts

It’s the reason why Nike can even consider unveiling a new LeBron James basketball shoe that figures to cost more than $300.

Because African-Americans will likely run out and buy it, regardless of whether they should or not.

A recent NewMediaMetrics study proves the point as it shows that African-Americans are among the most brand-loyal segments in the country, especially when compared to their white consumer counterparts.

A strategic marketing optimization company, NewMediaMetrics quantified the Emotional Attachment African-Americans extend to brands and media and found them much more emotionally tied to their favored brands than Caucasians.

Marketers will certainly keep this in mind as they seek to increase their company’s Return on Investments in marketing and media.

The study found that emotional attachment can boost revenue, while also affecting more media engagement and social.

Smart marketers know to build a brand on the best parts of the product experience, not the product itself. That emotional marketing is one of the best ways for a brand to cross demographic and cultural boundaries.

Targeted consumers who are emotionally attached to a brand are three times more likely to consider purchasing that brand.

The findings revealed that African-Americans are significantly more attached than Caucasians to a number of specific consumer brands and services such as Nike, Lexus, General Motors, Google, Fidelity, Slim Fast, UPS, Tide, Pampers, Jell-O, Doritos, Dawn, Oreos, Ragu, Campbell Soups, Yoplait, Dentyne, Charmin, Bounty, Betty Crocker, Walmart, the Gap, Lowe’s, Macy’s and Levi’s.

Overall, both consumer segments, aged 18-54, were surveyed about 350 brands, with 73 percent of the brands studied garnering higher attachment among African-Americans compared to Caucasians.

“Clearly, the African-American consumer is more passionate about brands than the Caucasian consumer,” NewMediaMetrics co-founder Denise Larson said. “Perhaps the overall passion that African-Americans have for brands will be a ‘wake-up call’ for marketers to strategically think of their brands from the perspective of consumer diversity, especially when it comes to budget and spending priorities.”

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