Kawhi Leonard Countersued by Nike in Battle Over Logo

Kawhi Leonard has just been countersued by Nike after the NBA player filed a lawsuit over a logo last month.

Leonard — who joined the Los Angeles Clippers as a free agent last month after leading the Toronto Raptors to the NBA championship title — had a deal with Nike that lasted from 2011-2018, and during that time Nike said they came up with different versions of the logo that is modeled on his handprint and submitted them to the superstar small forward. Nike also said they created the final version that was used on merchandise.

But Leonard said he came up with the logo in 2011 while sketching as a student at San Diego State University, which Nike admits he sent them. Leonard’s original image has his K.L. initials mixed with the No. 2 he wears and it’s in the form of a hand.

After the L.A. native and Nike’s deal was completed, he continued to use the logo and received a cease-and-desist order in 2018 because the company said they owned it.

Leonard also filed a trademark application, which Nike found out about, and according to TMZ they said he “fraudulently claimed to be the author and sole owner of the Claw Design.”

Leonard, however, said he’s the actual creator and should be able to use the logo on anything he wants. But Nike — who also filed for their own trademark — said the image they made is different from the hoop player’s and it’s something he signed off on.

Nike even said Leonard admitted publicly the company should be given “all the credit” for turning his “rough draft” into the final version.

The company now wants a judge to order Leonard to not use the logo and they’re suing him for fraud, breach of contract, as well as copyright infringement.

Nike also wants to be compensated monetarily, although a dollar amount wasn’t mentioned.

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