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Michael Clarke Duncan’s Memory Marred by Secret Daughter

It has been less than a week since Michael Clarke Duncan passed away and one woman has already stepped forward in an attempt to get her hands on his money.

Marquea (Marqay) Ambrose, a 32-year-old woman from Chicago, claimed to be Duncan’s daughter despite the fact that she hasn’t spoken to him in over ten years.

If Ambrose is Duncan’s daughter, she seems to be the only member of his family that isn’t in mourning and seems relatively unaffected by the passing of the man she claims is her father.

One source told, “It was the day he died that she started calling his mother saying ‘I want what’s mine’ and trying to get money from her.”

Sources also confirmed that although Duncan did date Ambrose’s mother, he “believed he was not her father.”

“The only thing that really bothers me about him passing is that we didn’t fix,” Ambrose told Chicago’s WFLD-TV.

Duncan’s family, on the other hand, is convinced that if there really was a relationship to be mended between Ambrose and the “The Green Mile” actor, she would have at least tried to contact the family during the 53 days he was in the hospital.

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