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Michael Clarke Duncan Grave Vandalized In Racist Hate Crime


Michael Clarke Duncan’s grave site has been vandalized with racist graffiti and sparked a police investigation into what authorities are sure is a hate crime.

Of all the tombs in the world it seemed like every magazine, tabloid, and blog is shocked to find out that Michael’s was vandalized.

To make matters even worse, the racist symbol that was left behind on the tomb suggests that his grave was defaced simply because of the color of his skin.

According to TMZ a family friend noticed the racist cartoon on Michael Clarke Duncan’s tomb in Forest Lawn Cemetery during a short visit to his Hollywood Hills resting place.

The family friend is positive that the small cartoon is an image of a racist character known as a Sambo which has been used throughout history as a derogatory image for African Americans.

TMZ captured this exclusive photo of the grave along with the Sambo that was later removed:

Needless to say, his family was shocked to find the image on the tomb and nobody is even completely sure about how long it has been there.

Ever since the graffiti came to the cemetery’s attention they quickly removed the image and assured the family that they are wiling to do whatever it takes to catch who did this.

Meanwhile, Michael Clarke Duncan’s family is still furious to discover that anyone would do such a thing to their loved one, especially considering his kind spirit.

While nobody deserves to have their tomb tampered with after they pass away, the public seems especially offended by the fact that anyone would mess with MCD’s grave.

The “Green Mile” actor passed away last September at the age of 54 and was remembered by friends, family, and others in the industry as a gentle giant with a heart of gold.

During his funeral, Jay Leno remembered the 6ft 5in actor as the “guy who was happy for every job he got.” He also said that Duncan had a “pure heart and pure kindness.”

Fiance Omarosa and “Green Mile” co-star Tom Hanks were also there at the funeral and spoke very highly of Michael as they wiped away their tears.

Sadly the defaced tomb isn’t the first time someone has disrespected the Chicago native after his death.

Less than a week after he passed away a woman came forward claiming to be Michael’s daughter in what is believed to be a heartless get rich quick scheme.

She has since seemed to vanish from the public eye and everyone is simply hoping that Michael Clarke Duncan can finally truly rest in peace.


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