Michael Clarke Duncan Remains in Unmarked Tomb as Family, Fiancee Omarosa Feud

Michael Clarke Duncan fiancee and family feud over tomb plaque

Late actor Michael Clarke Duncan is still in an unmarked cemetery tomb a year after his death because his former fiancee Omarosa Manigault and his family can’t come to a simple agreement.

If you were to talk through the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles, you would more than likely stroll right past Duncan’s tomb and never even know about it.

To this day, Duncan’s final resting place hasn’t been marked and instead he remains inside one of the cemetery vaults with no name plate on the front.

So what feud could possibly be more important than marking Duncan’s tomb? Who should order the plaque.

According to TMZ, sources close to Duncan’s former fiancee say that she planned to order a plaque inscribed with Duncan’s name, date of birth and date of death, but his family intervened saying they wanted to handle it.

Needless to say, the family says that story is bogus.

Friends of Duncan’s family are saying that Omarosa is the one who is stepping in the way, especially after she identified herself as Duncan’s “wife” on the cemetery paperwork, rather than his fiancee.

The family also claimed that Omarosa promised to handle the matter and yet she never has.

What makes the feud even more bizarre is that it’s not a battle over money, because the inscription has already been paid for. At this point, someone simply needs to place the order for what they want inscribed on the bronze plaque.

The plaque was actually included in Duncan’s funeral costs so now it’s just up to somebody, anybody, to place the order.

Unfortunately, neither party wants to communicate with the other to handle the issue because of previous unresolved drama over Duncan’s will. 

Reports are even surfacing that the family and Omarosa are not in dispute about what to put on the plaque, they just aren’t interested in sorting the matter out with one another.

One family friend, who refused to take either side in the dispute,  said both parties should be ashamed of themselves.

The source also told TMZ that Duncan’s 95-year-old mother is in poor health and it’s a shame that she hasn’t been able to bury her son without so much drama and unnecessary feuding, still taking place a year after he passed away.

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