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10 Black Celebrities You Didn’t Know Who Died While Filming

"Planet of the Apes " New York Premiere

Aaliyah (Jan. 16, 1979 – Aug. 25, 2001) 

The award-winning singer and actress Aaliyah Dana Haughton became an overnight R&B sensation in the 1990s.  

On August 25, 2001, at the height of her stardom, Aaliyah was killed when a small Cessna passenger plane carrying the singer and her video crew crashed and burst into flames shortly after takeoff from Abaco Islands in the Bahamas.

Aaliyah was 22 years old at the time and had just wrapped up filming of the Rock the Boat music video, hours earlier. She had also just scored a major casting gig when she signed to appear in the two sequels to the blockbuster sci-fi thriller The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne.

Her death also stalled the remake of singer-actress Whitney Houston and producer Debra Martin Chase’s remake of the film Sparkle. Aaliyah was originally cast for the lead role.

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17 thoughts on “10 Black Celebrities You Didn’t Know Who Died While Filming

  1. I got the opportunity to see him in the front row of Angelus Temple church in L.A. with his wife and new baby back in 2009 (?)…God bless him.

  2. No one has or will ever die from AIDS Or HIV

  3. Charles Menifee says:

    You may want to re-read the subtexts associated with each one.

  4. Ok, seeUhave limited medical knowledge! Most folk die r/t complications from aMajor illness

  5. Meaning,they died while in pursuit of there career

  6. uh oh….. an intellectual hoodrat professing knowledge. Tell me genius… which medical school did you get your degree? Playing nurse doesn't count!

  7. Wole Ifa says:

    Then that's what the headline should read!!

  8. Illuminatie killed them

  9. They are call The Gray Men

  10. ArtyRobo Savage Mugen says:

    or Issac Hayes

  11. If you read each article associated with each death, you'll find that NONE of the aforementioned persons actually "died while filming." All died at places/locations that weren't filmed.The closest is Redd Foxx who died while "researching a scene" which probably means that the scene wasn't filmed. The title is also poorly worded. The "Who" needs to be dropped if the article was truly factual. The headline gives the impression that we "didn't know" the black celebrities mentioned.

  12. Vang Po says:

    I'd take you more seriously if your grammar wasn't so atrocious. Wait. No I wouldn't.

  13. I really feel for this guy and his family . He was straight , living life right and got the disease from a blood transfusion.. That makes it so much more heart breaking. My uncle was gay and died from aids . I loved him but it was understood as a possibility if he was going to be messing around with more than one partner. This poor guy was given this by a hospital. Very sad…


  15. Anonymous says:

    You are amazing to me💟💞💝💗💕💘💓❤😻💖😘😍😍

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