Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose Confirm Pregnancy on VMAs Last Night

Wiz Khalifa made it official last night, announcing to the world that his lovely fiance Amber Rose is pregnant while onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Of course one look at the shapely Rose in her body-hugging dress made it clear that she had something going on in her belly, which already has a significant swell three months in.

Khalifa and Rose talked about the baby last night during an interview with VJ Sway before the award show started.

“Well, Sway, you know you my brother man, so we had to do it with you first and we had to do it with the whole world, and just let everybody know that we’re expecting a beautiful young baby,” Khalifa said, before screaming, “We’re having a baby!”

Then Khalifa bent over and planted a kiss on Rose’s baby bump, easily visible in the tight black lace see-through dress.

“You going to have to teach him how to rap and be a real good MC,” Sway said, revealing his hopes for a baby boy.

Khalifa had been denying rumors for months of a wedding and a pregnancy, but he said both would happen eventually.

Rose, the former exotic dancer and video vixen, has been gushing for months about her relationship with Khalifa, 24, who is four years younger than her.

“When we met, we fell in love and then he moved to L.A. and he wound up moving in my building and we just started our life like that together,” she said. “It’s good, we’re not married yet, and it’s good that we still have our separate places. I have a lot of clothes, so my clothes are not going to fit in his condo at all.”

Two months later, Khalifa asker her to marry him. He told the world through Twitter, saying “She Said Yes!!!” along with a picture of Amber sporting an oval-cut diamond ring.

“He made me the Happiest Woman in the World!!!!” Rose added with her own Twitter message. “We Love all u Rosebuds, Rosestuds & Taylors so much!”

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