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Khloe Kardashian Talks Babies With Lamar, Kim Talks Fame

Khloe Kardashian has been rumored be pregnant practically since the day she married Lamar Odom…still no babies. The couple have also been plagued by rumors of a divorce…still no divorce (luckily).

Khloe and her older sister Kim Kardashian graces the cover of Hong Kong magazine Prestige and together they talk about their close knit family, fame and Khloe about getting pregnant. Check out some excerpts below:

How has being in the public eye affected your relationships with your family members?
Kim: I think it actually helps them, because it kind of forces us to hang out more and be together more – because we do have so much going on in our own personal lives, so when we’re filming, that’s family time. And we love it.
Khloe: Typically when you’re getting older – Kourtney has two babies now, and I’m married, and Kim is off living her crazy life – typically brothers and sisters aren’t together this much. But when we film it forces us to be, which we appreciate. It allows us to see everyone grow up, like our little sisters [Kendall and Kylie Jenner]. It’s a really rewarding feeling for us and we like it…so far!

What is your advice to women who are trying to balance a relationship and a career?
Khloe: To me, it’s about being understanding. I understand that [husband Lamar Odom’s] career is not as flexible as I would say mine is, since he’s signed to the NBA and they play all the time. I make a point to make his home games a priority. I just say, “Sorry – after 6pm on this day, I can’t take meetings or do photo shoots.” I work around his schedule, and then when he’s in his off season, he works around my schedule. It’s a give and take, but you do have to understand that sometimes the woman does give more. And you have to understand the realities and the roles. Lamar can’t take time off during the season even if he wanted to, so I can’t be selfish about that; I have to understand it. And you have to do the little things in your relationship. I like cooking for Lamar to make him feel – even though I am so busy and crazy and have a strong professional life – that I love him and care about him, and still make time for the little things that make a difference.

You’ve mentioned in interviews that romantic love, or someone being “the one”, has had different meanings to you during different times in your life. What’s your view on love? How does timing affect relationships, in your opinion?
Kim: I think everyone in my past has made me better for the one that I’m with. Hopefully I’ve learned along the way. That’s just how I have to look at it. Everyone in your past has definitely taught you things, whether they’ve taught you what you don’t want or just taught you lessons on how to be the ideal person. I think I’m always a hopeless romantic.

You’ve been praised for being so supportive and giving in your relationship, even putting his career needs in front of your show together. What makes it all worth it?
Khloe: Just having the relationship. When you find someone that is worth putting effort into, and all that love and energy, and it’s both ways – he does it for me. The most rewarding thing is – for example, last night – doing nothing. Just laying in bed and having someone that you have that trust and security with. Lamar and I are genuinely friends too. He’s still one of my friends, and I just want to be that support system. It’s a great feeling because it’s a mutual feeling.

You’ve been public about your desire to have kids. What do you look forward to most about being a mother?
Khloe: I know this is in the future, but even just taking the kids to Lamar’s games and being like, “Let’s go see Daddy play.” I think it would be so fun to dress them in Lamar’s jersey, and to go to his games. I know that’s later. Just raising kids, and having my kids be close with Kourtney’s kids and my little sisters. Since my siblings are so close, I think we would raise our kids close – almost like siblings in a way. I’m excited for all of that.

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