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Ludacris, Kelly Rowland Together for 1st Time and ‘Representing’

Well isn’t this quite a meeting of the minds! Ludacris and Kelly Rowland have teamed up for the single ‘Representing,’ and it leaves us wondering why this is the very first collaboration between the two artists!

‘Representing’ follows Luda’s first single ‘Jingalin’ off of his new album ‘Ludaversal,’ set to be released this fall, and in a nutshell, the song is about appreciating a lovers “skills” in the boudoir. How romantic! “But I’m the man for the job/Can’t nobody do it quite like I do/And the same go for you/We a match made in heaven/I’ma stand right by you.” Oka,y so it’s a sexy song, but you know Rowland’s voice is going to complement Luda’s nicely!

And if you’re a fan of Luda’s, two of the producers on the album have a lot to say about it! “This ‘Ludaversal’ album is a statement,” said Da Internz’ Tuo. “This album is crazy. We’re just happy to have a bunch of joints on there. We got a record that I think Chicago’s gonna be real happy when they hear it ’cause it’s like the Chicago sound, a little bit of that juke thang,” added Kosine. “And then of course we got some of that hood, that ‘A$$’ bass that you love. Da Internz swag is definitely on there.

Source: Pop Crush

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